5 Ways Going On Vacation Together Can Make Or Break Your Relationship

An important milestone for every couple is going on a vacation together. I’m not talking just about a weekend away but actually planning a whole trip for at least a week. This can definitely show how truly compatible you two are and whether the relationship is meant to last. Here are five reasons why a vacation can be the best test for your relationship.

1. A vacation will test out how you take care of one another.

There is a possibility that one of you might get sick. Food poisoning or sunburn is common when going on vacation. If your partner is the unfortunate one, you will see how he/she will behave when they are not feeling so well, this can involve whining for attention, grouchiness or just wanting to be alone. This will be a test whether you can really commit and be there for your significant other no matter the circumstances. If you are the one who is feeling under the weather, this is also an opportunity to test out how caring your partner can be and how much you can rely on him/her.  

2. It will show how you two deal with situations that don’t go according to plan.

Imagine you get lost while sightseeing. Will your partner blow a fuse or look at it as an opportunity to have a spontaneous adventure? Realistically you can’t plan out every second of your trip; there will be problems along the way that neither of you prepared for. This is the opportunity to see how your partner handles unexpected situations. On an everyday basis, your significant other might play it cool all the time. This is the chance to see whether your partner has been faking that “I got everything under control” attitude.

3. Going on a trip will test out how you like to structure your day.

Sleeping in together on the weekend is one thing, but actually trying to be on someone else’s schedule is completely different. If your partner a is morning person, and you cannot function until you have had at least two cups of coffee, preferably after ten in the morning, there might be a problem. This will test out whether you like to live by your partner’s schedule or whether your partner is willing to accommodate yours. If you like going to bed early and your partner likes to party the whole night, realistically how much time is he willing to put into the relationship on an everyday basis? I don’t think any of us like to live by someone else’s schedule so taking a vacation together will test out how compatible your lifestyles really are.

4. Spending a vacation together shows how you handle your finances.

Vacations can be pricey. This is the chance to see how your partner is with money. Is your significant other a saver or does he/she like to splurge on unnecessary things? Will your partner want to spend half of the budget on a nice hotel or is he/she okay with staying in a hostel? These are all very important things to question if you two are thinking of staying together and one day having a mutual budget. Having the same values towards money can play a great role in either strengthening your relationship or ruining it.

5. A long trip can test out whether you two have a lot of common interests.

It is a common saying that opposites attract. In reality, it’s very important to have common interest with your partner. Is he/she the type to visit every museum in the city or is your significant other the type to explore the wild nightlife? If your interests don’t match this can definitely be an issue later on. It’s obviously okay if there are certain things that your partner might not want to do, the important point is whether he/she is willing to accommodate when you really want to do something. The same goes for you too, will you try to be more open minded to the types of activities that your partner is into or will that be a problem to deal with in the future?

If you are looking for a way to test out your relationship or if you are thinking whether your partner is in it for the long run, going on a vacation can be the way to go. When the two of you go on a long trip, this can show how compatible you two really are. Taking a vacation is always a good idea!

Featured image via David Gomes on Pexels


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