Australian wildfires

Australian Wildfires Killed Half A Billion Animals But No One’s Talking About It

We're only two days into 2020, but the year has already brought immense destruction. Australian wildfires, which...

Trump 2016: The Biggest Joke By Republicans Yet

Amidst all the chaos that comes with returning to school and the quickly-approaching fall semester, many of you have probably...

The News Is More Important Than Keeping Up With the Kardashians

The best room in a sorority house is hands down the TV room. It’s somewhere you can almost always go...

Twitter Is Tearing DJ Khaled Apart And It’s Hilarious

In an interview with a radio station, DJ Khaled proudly went into detail about his sex life with his...

#ThisIsNotConsent: Why Girls Are Posting Pictures of Underwear

You've probably noticed numerous women's Instagram Stories displaying pictures of their underwear or powerful imagery with the hashtag #ThisIsNotConsent. This...

Why The Ban On Plastic Straws Is Actually A Terrible Idea

We use plastic straws for something we all do every single day of our lives: drink. These straws are...

What Happens Now That Donald Trump Has Won The 2016 Election

I woke up this morning in a state that I can’t quite describe or process into words, but I...

Why I Can’t Draw Myself Away From The Humboldt Tragedy

For the past few days I have been scrolling through my social media feed reading information about the horrific...

What America Would Really Be Like If Trump Won The Election

Recently, a slideshow was released describing the trickle down effect Donald Trump’s dream to deport all illegal immigrants would...

5 Simple Ways To Show Your Pride Everyday

As Pride month comes to a close, many allies of the LGBTQ+ community just sort of...stop being active as...

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