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I've had a passion for writing since a young age, and I've had a passion for helping people for as long as I can remember. I want to help people learn to love themselves, I want to help people learn that they can and do deserve better than what they've been getting, and never to settle. I want people to find self love and happiness.

Your Story Isn’t Written: You Can Change The Way That Things Play Out

It’s generally written out for people when they’re younger what they’re...

Read This When You Feel Like You Can’t Recover From Your Broken Heart

My inspiration was every time that I got to look into...

This Is The Side Of Emotional Abuse You Don’t See

Yeah, you’ve known me since elementary school. I never made it...

It’s Time To Stop Saying Sorry For Things That Are Out Of Your Control

Someone’s talking to you. You don’t know what to say, but...

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