5 Suggestions To Help You Find Your Purpose


Finding your “Why” can be daunting. This year has been difficult for so many. Add trying to figure out who you are on top of a pandemic and then you can really start to feel lost. Feeling lost is okay. It’s actually an exciting place to be. This is where opportunities arise and potential forms. Here are five tips on finding your why.

Embrace Failure

Get excited for the immensity of the world. Put on a smile even when it feels like there is nothing left to smile about. You will find your “why.” When that clarifying moment hits you don’t let the spark fade. These moments happen constantly in the most random of times. Take advantage of these quick thoughts and make them into more permanent solutions. This is the time to be dangerous and to live without fear of failure. Try things that you never dreamed of doing and do it again. Soon failure will seem exciting and inviting. As soon as you don’t fear failure that’s when real potential develops.

Be Intentional

One of my friends wrote a memoir, and the statement “Be intentional with your thoughts and actions,” really stood out. I had never thought about life that way until the moment I read those words. The second you choose to be intentional with your day things go a lot differently. Your priorities change and slowly your days fill up with more high notes than low. Journaling can help a lot with this process. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy note just jot down how and why you made efforts towards being more intentional. Slowly this process is something you won’t have to think about, your body and mind will just naturally choose this path.

Laughter is Key

Laughing is such a natural physical reaction in humans. Laughter can increase your happiness and make you physically feel lighter. Hang out with your best friend, call your mom, go on a date, or listen to your favorite podcast. Whatever makes you feel lighter, just do it. This is a crucial step in finding your why. Our days can be busy but there is always time for laughter. Start with just 30 minutes a day and build up from there.

Dream Big then Start Over

Starting over or heading in a new direction can be stressful. There are a million reasons not to, but what if you are meant to. Think big and then dream bigger. Just because you need a new degree or more training doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Really take time to dive deep and figure out what makes you the happiest and why. Once you have figured out your happiest moments start to build your life around them. This can be challenging and abstract, but it makes sense. Tear out the parts that you don’t want and start new.

Ask Yourself “Who do I want to Be?”

Take advantage of your fear and do something about it. Be the next great writer, become a professor, save someone’s life, or cook your favorite meal. Don’t think of this process as work because then you will never do it. Look at it as a life path. Build who you are from the ground up. Your why is going to be the center of your path. You will then surround yourself with your career and the people you consider friends and family based on your center.

Why do you do what you do each day? Simple question with a ton of meaning. Finding your “why” is a constantly evolving process and can change several times throughout your life. Journaling is something that has helped me sort through the white noise. Exercise is another great method to help create an equilibrium in your path. Whatever makes you feel centered, focus on that and go from there. Trust the process and take pride in your results. Go do what you want to do and don’t ever feel sorry for it. Life is for the living and our “why” is now.

Feature Image by Vlad Bagacian from Pexels


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