Johnny Depp Files A Big Defamation Lawsuit Against Amber Heard

Just a refresher: our hearts shattered when ex-wife Amber Heard shared domestic violence details about heartthrob Johnny Depp in May of 2016. Just one year after they married, Amber Heard came to court with a photograph of her bruised face. She claimed that Johnny Depp was the cause. The judge ordered him to stay away from her before their divorce finalized in 2017.

Now it’s March 2019, and the tables have completely turned.

Johnny Depp is now speaking up by filing a $50 million lawsuit against Amber Heard for defamation of character. He says that she made up the abuse allegations in order to advance her acting career.

Not only is Depp claiming the abuse allegations were completely false, but he says Heard had an affair with Elon Musk only one month after they tied the knot. Johnny Depp’s attorney, Adam Waldman, states that they now have video, photograph, and eyewitness evidence.

The lawsuit brings up that Depp lost opportunities like his role as Captain Jack Sparrow, and sustained significant financial losses as a result of the false accusations.

Alice Cooper is speaking up in defense of his bandmate Johnny Depp. Cooper states that the negative press surrounding Depp is “99% Bull,” and that Depp is completely happy and healthy. He also states that Hollywood Vampires’ next album is going to have songs written by Depp about the abuse allegations.

The lawsuit states that Amber Heard’s allegations against Depp were completely false. There were two responding police officers, 87 surveillance camera videos, and countless neutral eyewitnesses. Evidence also suggests that Heard actually abused Depp. His hand required surgery due to an injury from Heard throwing a vodka bottle at him. Sources have also accused Heard of kicking Depp, punching him while he was in bed, and faking her own attacks.

Depp has a solid security team that overheard her falsely yelling at Depp to stop hitting her, and then leading into her allegations of his abuse, destruction of property, and hitting her with a cell phone. There are multiple eyewitnesses stating that this was all an elaborate hoax. It took place in the midst of the #MeToo Movement. Furthermore, these allegations helped fuel her career.

There have also been disturbing photos of Depp’s face and hand showing the abuse that he endured from Heard during their relationship. People are now coming to Depp’s defense, and giving apologies for what he had been through, and demanding that he be granted the justice that he so deserves.

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