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hey everyone so my name is Larissa I am a non-fiction inspirational writer my goal with my writing is not to have people like my writing but to see things from another viewpoint other than their own and if I can do that for at least one person than I have done what I set out to do has a writer

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The Impact of Social Media Harassment

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I used to aBSOLUTELY hate working out. No matter which types of...

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Why has our generation become so health-conscious? Millennials are increasingly staying healthier...

The Sad And Honest Truth About Maintaining Adult Friendships

Seriously, why is it so hard to maintain friendships as an...

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What is National Make a Difference Day? On the 4th Saturday of...

How You Can Make This Fall The ‘New Summer’

Did your summer of 2018 go out with a bang?  Are...

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