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I write to keep sane... I mostly succeed. Author of "Medusa's Daughter" and "Orpheus", and hopefully a few articles you won't mind sharing with your grandma.

What Your Date’s Coffee Order Says About Their Personality

So, you worked up the nerve to invite the...

13 Reasons The ‘Hustle Culture’ Is Truly Problematic

Hello Internet, Recently, my sidebars have...

Shaming Customers For Using Plastic Bags Won’t Save The Environment

A grocery store in Canada tried to get its...

10 Tips For Building The Perfect Office Wardrobe

Congrats, you've graduated! Looking for jobs has been your...
women martial arts

17 Misconceptions About Women In Martial Arts

There are a lot of misconceptions about women in martial arts, and here is the truth about 17 of them.

8 Annoying Things We Should All Stop Doing On Social Media

Social media has provided me with many positive opportunities....

The 8 Do’s And Dont’s Of Job Hunting

May and June are pretty heavy for job hunting,...

The Truth Is Something Can Always Be Done About Bullying

There is always something that can be done about bullying. When we are complacent, it’s the victims that pay the price.

What We Can Learn From The Monica Lewinsky Story, 20 Years Later

“I am in over 150 rap songs,” says Monica...

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