No, You’re Not Falling Apart


The tiring day is slowly coming to an end, yet you feel like you’re falling apart.

You’re off from your nine-to-five, now trying to work your five-to-nine. When you come home, you sit on the bed and catch up on some news. Maybe you check social media and see what’s happening with friends or family. Then, all of a sudden, your brain lights up, and you ask yourself a question. 

“Have I made the right decisions in life? How far, or behind, am I in life?”

You can’t stop pondering this. Now, you walk around your room in circles, wondering about the decisions you made and your fate. Was life supposed to turn out the way it was? Or was it supposed to turn out differently? Are you just falling apart?

In life, we all make decisions that we regret. Such choices can cause us a lot of trauma and havoc. We never want to travel back to that time; instead, we just want to cover it up and forget about it. 

Due to those decisions, we feel as if our life falling apart. Things don’t turn out the way we expected them to be. And, due to those decisions, we dig ourselves into a deeper hole, something that we cannot get out of for the longest time. 

But despite the struggles, you need to know this: you’re not falling apart. 

No, you do whatever you can to battle through life’s darkest moments. Even when it’s all rough, you try your best to stay afloat. You solve problems and tackle the challenges you will face. It may not be easy as of now, but you’ll soon realize why these moments had to happen. 

Even when things take a turn for the worse, you may not realize that things are changing for the better. When you close certain doors, you open yourself to new experiences and worldviews, something which you have never envisioned. 

These challenging moments do not define your whole life. 

Instead, these moments are but a step to the greatness of your future. Everyone will have to take these steps to reach their goals and live the life they dreamed of living. 

Don’t let challenging moments deter you from appreciating your progress. They will end as long as you keep on going. They do not define what your life will be like in the future. And they will push you forward to succeed and to move on. 

So shrug off those unideal situations and challenges. In the end, you know you got this together, and you’ll do great. 

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels


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