6 “Enchanted” Lyrics For Your Inner Romantic

If “Speak Now” has one song that embodies young love and fairytale beginnings, it’s “Enchanted.” This lovely ballad will have you reliving your first high school crush in no time. If you can’t forget the way someone looks at you or their smile, or you’re looking to believe in love again, then these lyrics are for you:

1. “Your eyes whispered, ‘Have we met?’”

Love at first sight may or may not exist, but there’s no denying this: sometimes when you lock eyes with someone, you have an instant connection. Everything feels right in ways neither of you can explain. It’s an otherworldly, romantic feeling you’ll never forget.

2.  “This night is sparkling; don’t you let it go.”

Ever found yourself still smiling after a first date has long ended? Are you reliving the moment you first met that person in your brain over and over again? This lyric embodies that feeling using just nine words. That giddy feeling makes you feel like a kid again: starry-eyed, full of wonder, and believing in magic. And it’s important to capture these joyful moments in a world full of hardships.

3. “I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home.”

Wonderstruck is the perfect word to describe infatuation. The dictionary says it means “someone experiencing a sudden feeling of awe.” Many of us have been struck by love or infatuation, and it feels exactly like this. You can’t stop being in awe of that person. It almost feels like a spell.

4. “This was the very first page; not where the storyline ends.”

There’s something beautiful about believing that a relationship can last. So many songs on “Speak Now” describe heartbreak and disillusionment with love. And while those feelings are completely valid, it’s also refreshing to see the other side of things. It makes you believe in love again.

5. “My thoughts will echo your name until I see you again.”

The honeymoon feeling of a first relationship or even a first meeting are some of the best in the world. Your thoughts get consumed by that person. You can’t stop thinking about that special person you met, whether you’re at work or at home. And isn’t that a wonderful feeling? 

6. “I was enchanted to meet you.”

I had to include the title drop from the chorus. It also shows you why “Enchanted” fits the song’s title. We often associate enchantment with fairytales. And, as we get older, we tend to believe in them less and less. But that doesn’t mean romance is out of reach. Quite the contrary: Fairytales can be unrealistic in many ways, but they aren’t wrong about love existing. We can carry our own kind of fairytale enchantment when we meet the right person. And who’s to say that isn’t better than any fairytale could ever be?

The “Enchanted” song plays like a beautiful fairytale, yet there’s a realm of realism that doesn’t always exist in fairytales. It acknowledges that someone can enchant you after a first meeting, and that’s something to celebrate. And who knows? Maybe it will lead to the relationship you’ve been waiting for. At the very least, you can relish the smitten feelings and indulge in good feelings. 

Featured video via Taylor Swift YouTube


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