I’m Done Being Jealous — From Now On I Will Cheer Others On

In the past few years, I’ve noticed that many of us find ourselves jealous of those around us. We find ourselves comparing our lives to those of people we meet on the street and even to the lives of our loved ones. Whether we mean to or not, we all do it. Unfortunately, we can be jealous of everything — getting a new dog, buying a new car, or changing our fashion sense, among others. We, as humans, are just naturally jealous beings, always wanting more.

Within the past year, I’ve forced myself to live more in the moment and appreciate what I have. 

I’ve been able to travel a lot due to the flexibility of my job. It’s made me recognize and appreciate the positives of how I can live my life. I’m single, and I don’t have any children, but I have two dogs that I adore. Still, there are times when I wish I were a mom of kids who lived that “typical” family life that everyone else seems to have. (I’m aware it’s not always glamorous, but it is still something I’d love to experience).

I realized that if I were to have kids and be married right now, I may not have the luxury of being able to travel as much or have the opportunities that I’ve been able to have this early in my life. At least, I wouldn’t be able to experience it by myself. Realizing this makes me enjoy the things that I’ve been able to do even more. I also realized that I can celebrate with those who are reaching milestones within a marriage or those celebrating their kids. This allows me to be the “fun aunt/friend” at the party who can show up and help but then go home at any point.

Everyone’s goals and the idea of happiness are going to look different, especially at different stages in life. 

Lots of people in their 20s and even 30s typically fall into one of two groups. For example, in my friend group, I have those with kids. They’re learning all the joys of being parents and raising their mini-versions. My other friend group is filled with the ones who don’t have kids. They’re traveling the world, seeing multiple movies or ball games in different states, and just living their best lives.

Regardless of what life stage you’re currently in, there will always be something to look forward to. You may not be where you imagined being at that moment, but don’t let it take away from what you are getting to experience. As for those who are getting whatever it is they’ve been dreaming of, congratulations. We should support them and be that friend cheering them on. One day, they’ll be doing the same for us.

Featured image via Andre Furtado on Pexels


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