The 5 Top Smartphone Games For Fashionistas

Playing Fashion Smartphone App

Alongside reading up on expert beauty tips and finding love through popular dating apps like Tinder, people utilize the power of modern-day smartphone devices by playing games. Games in this area are much better these days, with a selection of fashion-related products standing out on devices made by the likes of Apple and Samsung. 

On the whole, games related to fashion are fairly diverse. Some titles offer a strong sense of sparkle, while others task gamers with finding the best virtual outfits or by dressing up a model. Games in this area have always been in demand, though, particularly with fashionistas who enjoy stylish games that can be enjoyed on the go, something smartphone gaming provides these days. 

So, with an increasing amount of people discovering the delights of playing fashion-themed games on a portable handheld device, let’s take a look at some of the leading smartphone games for fashionistas in 2023.

1. Covet Fashion

A game many dedicated fashionistas have heard of, Covet Fashion has been entertaining mass audiences since its release in 2013. Since then, the game has gone from strength to strength due to a number of well-liked updates. The premise of this popular release remains the same, though, as gamers dress up a glamorous character in a range of famous brands, while there is also an opportunity to unlock stuff, share designs with your friends on social media, enter fashion contests, and loads more. In terms of serving up a strong fashion-related product, the makers of Covet Fashion have absolutely nailed it.

2. Cindy’s Dressup Friends

While there are some more intricate releases on the list, Cindy’s Dressup Friends is still well worth sampling. A dress up product that offers a casual gaming experience, players can sift through a comprehensive selection of outfits in this one, while also having the ability to change the poses of their models. For a free game, Cindy’s Dressup Friends is worth playing, although it does have its limitations.

3. Dazzle Me Megaways

As well as the downloadable products that gamers explore on iOS and Android phones are a range of browser releases that can be accessed with ease. A product that is growing in popularity right now, more and more people play Dazzle Me for some gem-filled fun on a daily basis. If you adore gemstones and regularly pull off a dazzling gem-themed look, then you’ll enjoy this gem-filled product. Also featuring a fruity-style soundtrack as you aim to spin your way to success, this particular release is ideal for any jewellery lovers among us, given its theme, while the game is genuinely fun to session, too.

4. Pocket Clothier

Although many of the products in this area include a dressing up aspect, Pocket Clothier tasks gamers with running their very own clothing store. With players having to be responsible for the day-to-day running of the store, there is plenty to get stuck into here. You pick the clothes to sell, you help customers meet their specific requirements, you can even position mannequins in your preferred pose, and if the store fails to do well, then it’s all on you. Overall, Pocket Clothier is a great release to play.

5. The Sims Mobile

First and foremost, we’re fully aware that The Sims Mobile isn’t strictly a fashion game, but it features enough fashion-related elements to pique any fashionista’s interest. Not only does your home need to look good but you do too, while the game’s social features add another appealing aspect. 

Whether you are a fashionista all day every day or just on your smartphone, these apps are all extremely fun. Now the question is: which one will you download first?

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels


  1. Fashion-themed games have gained popularity as people utilize the power of modern smartphones for various activities, including gaming, beauty tips, and dating apps like Tinder. These games offer a diverse range of experiences, appealing to fashion enthusiasts who enjoy stylish and on-the-go gaming options.

  2. In 2023, several smartphone games have emerged as leading choices for fashionistas. These games often incorporate elements such as sparkle, virtual outfit selection, and model dress-up. They cater to the demand for engaging fashion experiences that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere through portable handheld devices.

  3. Online gaming can positively impact emotional well-being, acting as a stress reliever and mood enhancer. Engaging in virtual worlds and interactive play offers a reprieve from daily stresses, fostering relaxation and happiness in players.

  4. Participating in online games can have a beneficial effect on one’s emotional health by serving as a means of reducing stress and improving mood. Immersing oneself in digital realms and engaging in interactive gameplay provides an escape from the pressures of everyday life, promoting a sense of calm and joy among gamers.

  5. Fashion-themed games have become increasingly popular on smartphones, offering diverse and engaging experiences. Games like Covet Fashion let players indulge in their love for style and design. If you’re into fashion games or want to explore other genres, daman app is a resource to consider. It provides a variety of online games that cater to different interests, including fashion-related titles.


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