Why The Best Kind Of People Are Those Who Get Excited About The Stars

It’s always so heartwarming to listen to someone talk about something they’re super passionate about no matter how nerdy the subject may be. Having the opportunity to let someone express their happiness over something that seems so small can really mean the universe to that one person and even brighten their day, week, month, and/or year. When the simplest of things can really mean so much to someone, whether it be a twinkle in the sky or the flip of a coin, don’t ever try to dull his/her sparkle.

If you ever happen to run into someone who’s talking about his/her love of the night sky, there’s a chance it could be me. Growing up, I was always so ready to run out at 2 AM with my big brother to watch the meteor showers rain across the sky. The wishes I made on those shooting stars always came true!

I could tell stories about my love for the night sky for an infinite amount of pages, but when it comes to hearing why others love the stars, planets – the universe, my heart always melts a little more. You often think you’re the only one who feels so passionately about the night sky in all its mystery, but not to worry you definitely aren’t alone. It’s refreshing to know that you share the same feelings of adoration and wonder about what those beautiful twinkling lights mean for our existence.

My favorite part of the night sky with those stars shining oh so very bright is the way everyone, all over the world can look up at the same stars. No matter who or what everyone’s day looks like, we all get to look up to the beautiful bright night sky to see the marvelous stars. It really makes you think about the differences we all have in life but how we can all take a break from life every night and all use the same escape mechanism to see the happiness in this very big world. By the power of these little stars, we can connect together and on our own as well.

When I decided to check out The X-Files on Netflix, I felt bad for the introduction of the main male character because he was just that guy who cared about space and aliens and was stigmatized for it. The X-Files may not be a legitimate story per-say, but the way Mulder shared his enthusiasm for the possibility of something “out there” was always my favorite part of the show. It reminded me of my childhood and showed the connection I always had with the sky. It was like watching a story of my own life but watching it through the eyes of someone else.

The way people’s eyes twinkle like stars on a night with a full moon when they talk about why they love their favorite planets, moons, stars, galaxies, and/or constellations is truly incredible. These are the people who never fail to subtly remind you that the perfect moments in life come along like shooting stars. As soon as you stop expecting them, one more comes along, reinforcing your connection with those around you and resetting your psyche to get through the next day. Sometimes the little things like the night sky can freely show you what truly matters in the world, what makes the world go round and how to create happiness within this troublesome world. In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”

Collaboration with Michelle Parker & Ashlyn Thomson

Featured image via Unsplash


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