4 Easy Sandwich Recipes That Are Perfect For Lunch


Tired of getting takeout for lunch? Fear not: make a homemade sandwich as an easy alternative. They are nutritious, portable, and easy to make. Moreover, you can customize sandwiches by switching the ingredients. Check out these four easy sandwich recipe ideas:

1. Toasted Bread with Turkey, Lettuce, and Cheese

This sandwich is filling and nutritious — the flavors from the turkey and lettuce balance out the cheese and bread. So the sandwich is not too dry or overbearing. 


  • Two slices of plain bread 
  • Three rolls of turkey-sliced ham 
  • One leaf of romaine lettuce 
  • One cheese slice 
  • Sandwich spread (can be any)


1) Put the two slices of plain bread in the toaster.

2) Take the leaf from the romaine lettuce and wash it.

3) Once the bread toasts, layer one side of both bread slices with the sandwich spread. Make sure to spread the sauce to the edges of the bread as well. 

4) Add one cheese slice on top of the spread.

5) Roll up the romaine lettuce leaf and put it on the cheese slice. 

6) Roll two turkey slices and apply them to each side. Then, add the last slice of turkey to top it off. 

2. Ham and Cheese Sandwich 

Ham and cheese are both classic sandwich ingredients. Plus, you can use them with many different spices and herbs. Check out this quick recipe: 


  • Butter 
  • Two slices of seeded bread
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Four ham slices
  • Pepper 


1) Prepare the two slices of seeded bread by spreading them on the table. 

2) Add butter to both slices of the bread. 

3) Cut the cheddar cheese block into different slices, ensuring they are as thin as possible. Cut multiple to ensure you can layer them.

4) Add the slices to the bread with butter. 

5) Fold the four ham slices and layer them on top of each other on the bread. 

6) Top the slices off with pepper. 

7) Add the other piece of bread on top and squish the ingredients together. 

3. Avocado Tomato Sandwich 

Try this tomato and avocado sandwich if you want a meatless option. This sandwich is healthy, nutritious, and tasty. Plus, it’s basically another version of avocado toast. To make it, use the following ingredients and instructions: 


  • Half of an avocado 
  • Three cherry tomatoes 
  • Two slices of whole-wheat bread 
  • Five small raisins 
  • Fresh spinach 
  • Butter


1) Take the avocado and cut it into 5-6 slices. 

2) Cut the cherry tomatoes into small pieces. 

3) Spread the butter on the two slices of bread. 

4) Put the avocado slices on top of the butter.

5) Add the cherry tomatoes on top of the avocado, layering them on each other. 

6) Top the tomatoes with fresh spinach.

7) Add the raisins. 

8) Finish the sandwich with the second slice of bread, pushing the sandwich together.  

4. Cucumber Sandwich with Cream Cheese

These sandwiches are a great lunch choice if you want a light, filling meal. The soft textures of the bread and the spread make for a heavenly combo. Plus, these sandwiches are high in protein. Here’s what you need: 


  • Four slices of soft, white bread 
  • Half of a large cucumber
  • Cream cheese 
  • Butter
  • Dill 


1) Take two slices of bread. Add cream cheese to one slice, smoothing it out until the edges are covered. Then, add butter to the other slice. 

2) Peel the cucumber skin off, and cut the cucumber into small, thin slices.

3) Layer the cucumber on top of the butter. 

4) Sprinkle dill over the cucumber slices.

5) Add the cream cheese slice to the other ingredients and push it down. 

Sandwiches are easy to prepare. So, if you’re busy Sunday night but need to meal prep for the week, consider making a sandwich for your Monday lunch. The best part is that you can easily substitute these ingredients or customize them to your liking.

Which sandwich do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo by Hillshire Farm on Unsplash


  1. Honestly, I would add cream cheese to an avocado sandwich, and the cucumber one would be with tomato. But overall, that’s a good recipe post!


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