6 Women’s Magazines That Are Definitely Worth Reading

I enjoy reading magazines. They’ve taught me many ways to quickly clean my home, apply makeup, and cook quick meals. While many magazines are available on the market, six of them stand out. Each targets a specific topic, like gardening or self-care, which makes them all perfect for modern women. So, here are the six best women’s magazines worth reading:

1. “Woman’s Day”

Woman’s Day” is a monthly magazine that’s the cheapest on this list. In it, you can find crowd-pleasing yet budget-friendly recipes that are very easy to make. This publication provides a calendar with daily recipes that can be made throughout the month. It also offers online discount codes for retailers like Walmart. In addition, it provides many tips and tricks for daily living, including planning, budgeting, applying makeup, shopping from your own wardrobe, and many more. 

2. “Good Housekeeping”

“Good Housekeeping” is a self-improvement and home-caring magazine. It has a national laboratory dedicated to testing products like house cleaners, cosmetics, skincare, personal hygiene items, furniture, bedding, and even pet food. Products that have been awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal are trusted to be of excellent value. So, this magazine is very beneficial for every homeowner.  

3. “Better Homes & Gardens”

As the name suggests, this magazine is for everyone who loves gardening. It provides solutions for keeping a healthy garden and effectively growing flowers, fruits, and herbs. Also, it has many DIY recommendations for making your own nature-friendly pesticides and fertilizers. Plus, it also teaches readers how to grow certain fruits and vegetables according to season. Finally, it offers numerous recipes on how to use those seasonals to feed the family. By choosing this magazine, you can also get organizing tips for the home and garden, as well as the best clothing recommendations.

4. “Woman’s World”

“Woman’s World” is a weekly magazine that has similar sections to those from a newspaper, including a romance novel, horoscope, sudoku, a guardian angel section written by Doreen Virtue and readers, DIYs, “this week in history,” “for your health” section, daily quotes, interviews with artists that share their best daily habits, and so much more. 

5. “First for Women”

This is a health-based biweekly magazine published by the editors of “Woman’s World.” It has different sections, including adult coloring, funny animal stories, love stories, horoscopes, and travel recommendations. Plus, “First for Women” is filled with health articles related to losing weight, maintaining a healthy weight, and preventing diabetes, amongst other relevant topics. 

Although these magazines are geared toward a specific topic, they all have many sections in common, such as recipes, discount codes, sweepstakes, beauty, and fashion. You can purchase them at newsstands for under five dollars each or subscribe digitally, which makes them incredibly innovative. Plus, all of these magazines are made specifically for women who are looking to get the most out of their day.

Featured image via Lê Minh on Pexels



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