The 7 Most Interesting Mentions On Reddit’s r/IWantToLearn

The internet has become a place where practically anyone can learn a new skill. If you want to learn languages, download the Duolingo app and. If you’re an aspiring cook, watch a quick YouTube tutorial. 

If you want to explore a community with those who want to learn anything from breaking bad habits to investing, look no further than Reddit’s /rIWantToLearn (IWTL) subreddit. Here, you can find users sharing some of the most interesting skills they wish to acquire. Check out these seven unique ones: : 

1. How to recognize suspicious activity right away 

Sometimes, life throws all kinds of weird scenarios at us. Some of them even   seem too good to be true. When this happens, we usually get a gut feeling that raises a red flag – but not always. If you want to get better at recognizing red flags , this is a post dedicated to that. This thread provides answers to recognizing suspicious activity, from going with your instincts to figuring out what’s right or wrong. 

2. How to be less clumsy

We’ve all felt clumsy from time to time. We may notice how often we drop our groceries, trip on the sidewalk, or run into random people on the subway. Some people may think clumsiness is a result of carelessness, but Redditors know that’s not true. Many suggestions to reduce clumsiness include practicing sports, improving hand-eye coordination, meditation, and stress management. So the next time you drop your iced coffee while walking to work, consider trying one of these tips. 

3. How to develop thick skin 

It’s hard to be tough in a world where people are constantly  mean to each other.  Sometimes, though, developing thick skin is the only way to get through rough times. One suggested solution is to realize that people’s words are not a reflection of you, but of their own insecurities. At the same time, it’s important for others to acknowledge their own emotions and take a deep breath. 

If you find someone’s words are impacting you, refer to this post for a boost of happiness throughout the day.

4. How to fill your day with activities 

If you want to explore new activities and hobbies outside of watching YouTube videos or Netflix shows, check out this  post. Redditors  suggest crafting a daily schedule, exercising, being creative with artistic hobbies, or changing up your daily routine. It’s all about setting small goals and changes, which will lead to tackling bigger goals and challenges. 

5.  How to memorize lyrics 

We all have new favorite songs which instantly become our jam. We may hum the tune to ourselves, but knowing the lyrics becomes much more challenging. However, there are moments where we feel the need to sing to ourselves. So, how can we memorize the lyrics to our favorite songs quicker? Redditors have an answer to this – the most common one is to search the lyrics online and sing it with the song. 

6. How to stop drinking soda

We all feel the need to put our soft drinks down and try a new flavored juice. If you find yourself consuming more soda recently because of a party or other circumstances, Redditors suggest ways to cut down your sugar tolerance, such as reducing sugar intake and drinking infused water. Some other alternatives include making lemonade, iced tea, or carbonated water. The next time you’re at a party opt for one of these beverages instead of a soda.  

7. How to stop your phone addiction

Most of us are on our phones to talk to our friends or keep up with the latest social media posts an inordinate amount of times. As technology advances, many of us feel more inclined to go on our phones or upgrade our phones constantly. However, this question also stumps Redditors. There haven’t been any answers as of yet. But can you think of one? 

There are plenty of personal skills to learn throughout our lives. Some of these can include starting a new diet, reading verbal or social cues, and finding new hobbies. What would you like to learn and post on Reddit? Let us know in the comments!

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