5 Steps To Setting Yourself Up For Success In College

I remember the day my college English professor  said, “Attending college and university is not only about education. It is about who you can meet that can take you to the next level in life.” It was an eye-opening moment that made me realize that getting good grades and networking is essential for success.

Are you a student trying to figure out life? Here’s a guide to help you get life right the first time. If you follow this advice, you just might land that internship or job you’ve always wanted.

1.    Build On-Campus Connections

If you attend class and go to work or back home at the end of the day, this is a common mistake you might be making. Professors and campus employees are connected to big players in the real world and can help you find an internship or new job. Here are a few ways to get ahead as a student:

  • Get to know your research supervisor.
  • Set up a meeting with a career counselor.
  • Attend on-campus events.
  • Ask your professor for job referrals.

I recommend that you become the student who everyone on campus knows as the “go-getter.” Showing that you are interested in hunting down opportunities will be an easy way for people to remember you when an opportunity opens up.

2.    Start a Peer Group

Imagine being the president of a group on campus that adds value to students’ lives. Think of the people you will work with on-and off-campus to set up events. Don’t let the title student” make you feel like people will discredit your effort. CEOs, recruiters, and hiring managers are searching for ambitious people like you to create positive change in the community. Starting an on-campus group is a good way to learn skills you can later use at an internship or a job.

3.    Share Your Success

What’s a successful student if no one knows that they’re winning in school and at life? Post your successes, like good grades, on social media. Write blogs about the student life experience. Capture these moments on video, and share them on your personal website.

The world needs to see what you have to offer. A surprising amount of influential people in your area will reach out to you or introduce you to new opportunities that can help you in life.

4.    Write for the School Newspaper

What’s a better way for people to know who you are than to contribute to an on-campus or community newspaper? I recommend that you select a topic you are passionate about. Here are common trending sections in school publications for you to showcase your knowledge about and your talent for making your voice heard:

  • Lifestyle
  • Food
  • Sports
  • Relationships
  • Fashion

If you are studying psychology, social work, business administration, or clothing design (to name a few), these sections can help readers recognize your name. Plus, as a writer for the school newspaper, you can adding value to people’s lives with helpful content that can turn into your own personal following on social media.

5.    Run for Student Presidency

Run for student president? Why not? Your name will get out there. Whether you win or lose, put your candidacy on a resume, and it can turn into an increase in job interviews in the future. Plus, all of the people that will help with your campaign may also be well-connected to people that work for the city or top organizations.

How can this help you after graduation? If you do at least one, a few, or all of these activities, it is only a matter of time before key players outside of your school will want to connect with you. Remember to sign up for sites like LinkedIn, too, because recruiters are searching for people with your skills every day.

What mom and dad said about how our actions today can have an impact in the future is absolutely true. I hope that these ideas inspire and uplift you to go change the world. Good luck!

This is the true story.

Featured image via Anubhav Saxena on Unsplash


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