A Day Of Working At A Restaurant As Told By “The Gilmore Girls”


Working in a restaurant is an experience to say the least. There’s hardly ever a dull moment. And if there is, your manager usually finds something to do.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve wanted to respond to a customer’s dumb question with a really sarcastic remark. However, something I’ve noticed while working at a restaurant is how similar life really is to Lorelai Gilmore’s experiences on The Gilmore Girls. They always seemed to have the best response of the daily occurrences that happen at a restaurant.

So, here’s the average day of restaurant life as told by The Gilmore Girls!

1. When you first walk into your shift… 

Oh boy, here we go again!

2. The excitement you feel when you realize you’re on with your favorite co-worker!

Work friends seriously make the job 10x more bearable.

3. When a customer asks a really stupid question.


“No, sir, we don’t sell pizza here at PizzaExpress, just Neapolitan round pies.” *eye roll*

4. The only response you can manage for the phone order for 20 different items.

“Oh! And I need 3 large pies, too!” 

5. When you bring that big order to the kitchen and the cooks glare at you.

“I’m sorry! I love you guys!” 

6. Lines inevitably form every single time you return from break.

I was gone for 5 minutes, where did you all come from?

7. That feeling when you hit hour 6 of your shift…

“How is it not time to go home yet?” 

8. Your response when a customer tells you they’re never coming back to your restaurant is never appropriate.

“I’m so heartbroken… not!” 

9. Sometimes you hide out in the bathroom while in the middle of a rush (we all do it). 

Will anyone really notice if I don’t come back up? How much do I even care?

10. The vindication you feel when a child falls after you told them to stop running.

Sorry, can’t help it!

11. When someone asks for their 12th side of ranch… 

“Do you want me to just bring you the entire container of Ranch dressing?” 

12. When your table says the service was amazing but only leave a tiny tip.

It’s fine… not like I’m trying to pay for college or anything! 

13.  When you and your bestie make eye contact during a rush, you can’t help but laugh!

It’s the only way to survive a rush.

14.  When a customer tries to use the “I know the owner” line on you…

“So do I! He pays me! Small world, right?”

15.  Why do all managers say “If you’ve got time to lean, then you got time to clean?”

Not like we just had a 3 hour rush or anything, boss! 

16. When you and your coworker hate the same customer, the gossip gets so good!

And the hilarious “code names” you have for the customers make you love to hate them even more!

17.  The euphoria when they actually let you go early home early! 

Run before they change their mind!

18.  When the kitchen staff makes you food without you asking… 

“You guys are angels, thank you!” 

19.  That heartache of seating a large group right before closing.

If you need me, I’ll be crying behind the register. 

20.  When your shift finally ends!

Yes! Thank God!

Even though waiting tables can drive us insane at times, it’s really not that bad. Even the worst nights include positive moments. And just remember, you can always hide in the walk-in freezer when life at the restaurant becomes too much.

Feature Image from Gilmore Girls


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