A Poem To Help You Find The Light In A Dark Time

Inspired by my personal journey, I wrote this poem titled Where The Edge Will Lead. It focuses on a dark period during my teenage years. I felt lost and alone, like no one else would understand what I was going through. As I’ve gotten older, I have found that my journey inspired a lot of other people. It has helped them make it through their own darkness and find a light at the end of the tunnel they didn’t see before. I used to be ashamed of my past and would shy away from talking about what I went through. However, now I have grown to appreciate that period of my life because it made me a stronger person. 

I have seen the dark
And I have fought through hellfire
Only for this life.

I was just like you
Hopeful, carefree, and smiling
But I lost my course.

The world could not see
What warmth my presence could bring
Frozen out, I fled.

The road I traveled
Was not for the faint of heart
But for those oppressed.

In the black of night
Distorted, my mind starts to race
Searching for reasons.

Can I come home now?
I need you more than you know
Can I please come home?

Stars light the water
River like a looking glass
Is this even me?

Wandering and lost
Past, present, and future woes
Rip through my empty heart.

Summon the desire
Push past this daunting vision
Find my way to you.

The blood I have lost
Does not weaken who I am
For I have found strength.

I will live this life
As I walk the razor edge
Of darkness and light.

Could you believe me
If I said my demons died
And now I am fine.

Sometimes personal growth can be hard to see. Just because you can see past your faults doesn’t mean they will ever not be a part of you. It’s important to accept your path and use it to inspire your future self instead of letting it hold you back. Everyone embarks on their own journey through life. Yours will mingle and intertwine with all of the wrong people until it finally straightens into the correct course — meant just for you. Just because it seems like you’ll never get there doesn’t mean that the path to your destination isn’t right around the corner. I hope this poem reminds you of that.

Featured image via Josh Hild on Pexels


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