6 Plus-Sized Stores With Clothes You’ll Want To Wear All Summer Long

Plus-size stores can be hard to come by, but they do exist. There are quite a few places out there that are solely dedicated to plus-sized clothing. There are also popular, established companies that offer an “extended sizes” section in their stores, too. 

Offering extended sizes makes it easier and much more inclusive for plus-sized shoppers. Here are a few plus-size stores to check out, but be warned, you may become hooked.

1. Torrid

When it comes to plus-sized, fashionable clothing, Torrid has you covered. It’s my favourite plus-sized clothing brand for multiple reasons. They offer everything from business casual to Saturday night out-on-the-town outfits. Personally, when I wear an outfit from Torrid, I feel sexy, comfortable, and confident.

They also have a unique sizing chart, which goes from 00 – 5. 00 would be equivalent to a medium, and 5 would be equivalent to 6x. For pants, they go from size 10 to 30. 

Torrid sells swimwear, lingerie, graphic tees, and they have a fangirl line. What’s that? Well, for example, they offer a Disney collection where you can get Marvel underwear or t-shirts. Want something with Stitch on it? Yup, they have that. 

Need larger shoe sizes? Torrid has you covered. With sizes up to 13 wide, there’s a shoe for every foot size. 

They always have great promotions on regular-priced items and even better sales on their already discounted clearance section.

2. Maurices 

Maurices is a clothing company that makes clothes for sizes 0-24. Much like Torrid, they make everything from plus-size dresses to shoes to business clothing. Hot summer months? Maurices has you covered. Cold winters? No problem. 

Their clearance section is worth checking out too since they usually have some sweet deals. Personally, I love their jeans. You can find them at a pretty reasonable price, and they’re comfortable. 

In addition to great clothing, they also offer many accessories and shoes. You can find up to size 11 for many of their footwear. 

3. Wray NYC

If you’re looking for comfortable, high-end plus-size clothing, look no further. Wray NYC is based in New York and offers high-end, art-inspired clothing for all of your fashion needs. You can find cute summer outfits, lounging clothes, bathing suits, and business casual outfits that go up to 6x. Want polka dots? Check. Looking for a floral pattern? No problem.

4. Fabletics

We’ve all seen the ads for Fabletics, and from what I’ve heard, it’s well worth the price. As a VIP member, you can get 2 pairs of leggings for $24.  They also sell a variety of loungewear, tops, bathing suits, and shorts, just to name a few. Best part? Their sizing goes up to 4x. 

Fabletics also offers men’s clothing and mommy-and-me outfits. 

5. Penningtons

Penningtons has been around for over 70 years and is a go-to for Canadian shoppers. Penningtons goes from sizes 14-32 and you can find pretty much anything here, from dresses to casual wear, to business casual, to lingerie and bathing suits. Their prices are on the higher side, but they usually have some good deals going on. 

Reitmans and RW&CO are also under the Penningtons umbrella, so if you can’t find something at Penningtons, check out these other stores; you may just find something there. 

6. MeUndies

Personally, I love MeUndies. They go up to 4x in size and offer a variety of fun undies for just yourself, or you can match with your partner. They have different types of underwear, like high-waisted, bikini, thong, and boyfriend shorts. They sell matching bras as well, and if you become a member, you get discounts on their products. 

Whether you’re looking for a fun graphic t-shirt, super cute undies, or a cocktail dress, any of these six stores will have something to satisfy all your fashion wants and needs. You deserve to feel confident and sexy in your own skin and in the clothes you wear.

It’s nice to see extended sizes popping up in more stores, and hopefully, that continues as the years go on. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on companies unknown to you, they may surprise you. Happy shopping! 

Photo by RODNAE Productions


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