What Are Chair Exercises? 3 Tips for Beginners


For people who may not have the full range of mobility that many types of exercise require, chair exercises are a great way for them to work some movement into the day while not overexerting themselves.

Chair exercises might not be thrilling to most people, but some individuals can benefit from a gentle action that allows them to exercise from anywhere they feel most comfortable. You don’t have to complete intensive exercises from your chair – you can go as easy or as challenging as you want.

Why are chair exercises good for you?

Chair exercises are a lighter form of exercise that can benefit everyone. A chair is a great tool for exercise when you may not be able to move freely otherwise. It can give you that stability if you aren’t sure you can move independently.

You can integrate the chair into your exercises by standing up and sitting down, but if you don’t have the full range of movement in your body, simply stretching as much as you can with your feet planted firmly on the ground is enough to reap the benefits – like better posture and extra flexibility.

Gentle exercises using a chair benefit several different types of people. Pregnant people should ease into exercise and avoid high-intensity workouts, while elderly folks may opt for a routine that keeps them mobile but avoids elevating their heart rates too much.

Chair exercises are great for everyone, and you don’t need a special chair to get started. You can work out from the comfort of your dining room chair or even a wheelchair.

After practicing chair exercises for some time, you may notice less pain in your joints and new strength, which can help you feel confident about your physical situation. Working out from your chair can be a nice substitute if you can’t get up for a routine workout. Before long, you’ll notice strength you never knew you had.

Anything you can do from your chair counts as a chair workout. You can make rowing motions or practice standing up and sitting down in one controlled motion. As you gear yourself up for exercising from your chair, here are three things to keep in mind.

1. Staying Mindful Helps You

When working out using your chair, remember to stay mindful of your surroundings. You should always remain present while working out so you don’t accidentally slip, but you should also pay attention to your exercise so you can live in the moment.

When you’re working out without distractions, you can better assess how you’re progressing. Staying in the moment helps you move with purpose and pay attention to every decision you make.

2. You Can Stack Workouts

If you’ve become too strong for your usual workout, try to add some resistance to it. Resistance bands can help you build your strength by using different levels of resistance. If an exercise ever seems too easy, they’re the perfect element to use to continue challenging yourself.

3. It’s Perfect for Any Weather

The great thing about chair exercises is that you can do them anywhere. You might have a stable outside chair to use when the weather is nice. If it’s too cold or rainy, you can rely on the inside of your home to be the perfect gym for any cardio activities like dancing or chair exercise.

Chair exercises are great for people in all stages of life. You can use it as a stepping stone toward more intense forms of exercise, or you can do it as a way to continue moving when it might be difficult for you to exercise – whether temporarily or permanently.

Learn some of your favorite exercises in chair form, and you’ll find yourself happier than ever while completing them from a more stable position.

Feature Image by Miriam Alonso from Pexels


  1. Chair exercises are a great way to start a workout routine. They are relatively inexpensive and require no equipment. As you start exercising, you will find yourself getting more and more comfortable with your exercise regimen. If you work at home, chair exercises can be a great way to help you stay in shape while working from home.

    Many people get into the habit of sitting too much, whether it is for work or for pleasure. It is important to remember that we are all different in our bodies and minds and that it is OK to find ways to exercise differently (or not at all).

    Heres why chair exercises are so beneficial:

    ” They improve your posture

    ” They help relieve stress

    ” They improve your mood (and mood often leads to better health)

    ” They increase energy levels

    ” They improve your focus and concentration


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