For The Moments You Are In Desperate Need Of Motivation

We all get down sometimes when thinking about where our life is. Sometimes that means never getting anywhere you want to go or knowing what you want to do. It could be a dead-end job or a relationship where you constantly lower your standards. Whatever it is, you deserve a solid motivational speech. 

Personally, it always has to be the right timing or the right circumstances that push me to write again or come up with content to share. I love writing and always have ideas brewing in my head. But putting them on paper makes the task all that much more real and difficult.

So to inspire you, here is a poem of motivation.

I stare at the spot where my dreams lie.

The corner where I see my own crossroads,

The walls that confine my thinking,

To the day in and day out,

The conundrum of bustling life.

I fathom nothing as I stare at this spot.

Nothing but my routine facing me.

And all my dreams still stuck swirling in my head. 

I glare at my reflection in the mirror,

Begging the questions to myself,


Why can’t you move?

Or push yourself?

Is it the fear?

That one risk will turn into one mistake?

Or is it the voice that gets stuck in your head?

About what do people think?

I peer at my hands,

Calloused and rough,

Hardened from relentless days,

Of trying and failing before.

Of shredded skin that shows,

Attempts never actually seen to completion.

I glance at the empty page that sits in front of me.

Blank, waiting for the words to come.

In between the white is the tiniest bit,

Of hope and comfort.

Of promise and contentment.

And of a thrill of diving into something new.

I pick up the pen and finally mark the world.

This poem applies not only to aspiring writers but also to anyone wanting to try a new hobby or venture. Everyone fears what people 0think, and we all get comfortable in a routine we’re afraid to change. It is also terrifying to pick up where you left off with a hobby, passion, or project because it means you’ve failed again. 

So, I hope this poem finds you when you’re stuck and gives you the push to make a huge change for yourself. Because if you don’t try, you will never know if you can succeed. And it is so much worse to have that lingering doubt about yourself.

Featured image via Xan Griffin on Unsplash


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