Ghosting Someone? Here Is How They Are Going To React, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Online dating has made ghosting more prominent in our society than ever. After ghosting someone, you don’t get to see the aftermath since you are no longer in contact. While there are much better ways to end things than ghosting, I understand why this might be the path for some people. Facing someone is difficult, and anxiety is REAL, man. With that being said, I have decided to give everyone a sneak peek at what each zodiac sign does when they are ghosted. 


There are no holding grudges here. While an Aries will be pissed at first they will eventually forget about you ghosting them. Or they will get bored and decide to make your life a living hell. There is no in-between.

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Change is not a good thing with a Taurus, as they tend to be homebodies. While they just want someone to love, it’s probably you that’s being ghosted by a Taurus, not the other way around. Want to go out on a date? You can try, but they won’t show up. 

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Congratulations — you will forever be the butt end of the joke for a Gemini. They will deal with the sadness of being ghosted with humor and will probably talk shit about you to all of their friends. I mean, you ghosted them; what did you expect? 

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It’s time to bring the wine over. The Cancer sign is more sensitive than the other ones, so they’re more likely to be truly upset about you ghosting them. Also, once you ghost them, don’t try to go back. They may forgive, but they never forget. 

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Beware ghosting any Leo. They are extremely creative and love to be remembered. So chances are they will make sure you will never forget them — possibly in a very obscure way. 

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You are more likely to hear “let’s work this out” from a Virgo. While you may have ghosted them, you can be sure they are looking for ways to make it work. They need to feel useful, so even if it’s being your personal psychologist, they will do it to make things work. 

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Being alone sucks for any Libra. While they may hate you (and themselves) because you ghosted them, they will not confront you about it. Conflict just isn’t for them. They would rather just accept that you are no longer in their life than do anything about it. 

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You should probably be scared. Scorpio is not the best sign to ghost because their primary emotions tend to be quite volatile. So, if you betray them by ghosting them, you will need all the good luck you can get. They are also very okay with uncomfortable social situations, so maybe avoid them at all costs. 

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Everyone will know that you ghosted them. From the mail guy, your mom, and the grocery store clerk to everyone you come across. Sagittariuses are very vocal and base their opinions on their own truths. They will attempt to make improvements for their future partners, though. 

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Let’s be honest: They probably didn’t even realize you ghosted them. Capricorns are very mature and self-motivated individuals. So while you were ghosting them, they took the time to build their business and create an empire. Who were you to them anyway?

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Are Aquarians supposed to feel something? Clearly not, as emotions are nonexistent to them. While they know you’re not talking to them anymore, their freedom means more to them than you. They aren’t upset, and they don’t hold grudges. Instead, they’re just glad to have their freedom again. 

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Pisces sees ghosting as a sign that your relationship just wasn’t meant to be. Honestly, considering you are ghosting them, they are probably right about this one. But they have no boundaries and like to fantasize. So don’t be surprised if another “sign” tells them to come back to you. 

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While we don’t condone ghosting people (okay, sometimes we do), at least this gives you an idea of what is happening on the other side of the situation. Ending a relationship can be better for everyone involved eventually; it’s just a matter of time.

Which sign are you? Comment below and let us know!

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