3 Uncommon But Incredibly Effective Ways To Practice Self Care

Love is the driving force of life. When you love and are loved, days are brighter, time is shorter, and living is sweeter. The power of love is not to be underestimated, as this pure and innocent emotion can heal old wounds, awaken the soul, and heal the world!

The more love you give and receive, the better life becomes! No matter what form love comes in, it can significantly impact who you are and how you live. But sometimes, accepting love from others, no matter how abundant, isn’t enough.

The search for love isn’t always distant. To experience a real change in your life, you must not only love and be loved by others, but also practice self-care.

What Self-Care Means

As the term suggests, self-care means caring for yourself. In looking after your health efficiently and conveniently, you are already practicing self-care, whether or not you’re aware of it. 

While you may have to depend on others to fulfill your needs, addressing them on your own and allowing yourself to indulge in things necessary to your wellbeing and development will undoubtedly improve your quality of life.

However, to practice self-care properly, it’s vital to understand how it’s different from self-indulgence. Self-care is a term various people and companies use to give an excuse for succumbing to luxuries and actions, but that’s not what it is.

To set the record straight, self-care involves practices that nourish your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, while self-indulgence is driven by emotional decision-making and does not have a long-term positive impact.

Keep in mind that self-indulgence isn’t automatically bad for you. It’s okay to give in to your desires and pamper yourself, but remember to maintain a balance to avoid potential consequences.

The Importance of Self-Care

Society is currently designed in a way in which people hunger for reassurance and validation from others. The proliferation of social media has made it easier to seek positive interactions, which has proven to be harmful to one’s mental health. 

While there’s nothing wrong with appreciating what others have to say or how they feel about you, depending on likes and comments will take a toll on you. As a result, you end up filled with envy, contempt, and anxiety instead of love and happiness.

What many fail to understand is that love starts with yourself. From whom else can you receive the love you need other than you, who knows what you need and what will inspire positivity in your life? Unfortunately, practicing self-care is easier said than done.

How to Practice Self-Care

Self-care can be challenging for some, especially when they have responsibilities to fulfill and not enough time in a day to address them all. If someone has too much on their plate, making room for their needs will seem impossible, but that’s not the case!

Anyone can practice self-care in simple and easy ways. Self-care doesn’t always mean treating yourself to the spa or changing up your wardrobe. It can also involve exercising or drinking enough water.

Here are three ways you can take good care of yourself.

1. Invest in Period Care

Any woman would agree that having your period is one of the most uncomfortable times of the month. As such, it’s most important that you provide yourself with the best care possible to alleviate the discomfort, allowing you to enjoy your days despite the cramps and bleeding.

To feel better once the day arrives, stay active. While some may think that exercising will only make the pain worse, it will actually help you with your symptoms! As long as you choose a workout that feels good and put on a good pair of period underwear, you’ll feel much better without the worry of any accidents.

Of course, rest is also essential! Getting enough sleep while you’re on your period will boost your energy levels and stabilize your hormones, promoting peace amidst a tumultuous week.

2. Be Gentle to Your Skin

While pushing harder and being more aggressive will be beneficial in other areas of life, skincare is not one of them! The key to good skin is eating right, working out regularly, and, most importantly, using the right skincare products.

The skin on your face is sensitive, so it may react to products with harsh chemicals. Consider using products that are kinder to the skin so that you look and feel better. 

Figuring out the best skincare routine will take some time and you’ll experience trials and errors, but the journey will be worth it! Once you know what works for you, your skin will thank you.

3. Disconnect From the Internet

The internet and technology have taken over the world, incorporating into different sectors of society. While technology has played a key role in communities’ modernization and improvement, it has also increased countless people’s risk of developing mental illness.

When it comes to self-care, you must also aim to have a sound mind. Taking care of your mental health is essential. It will help you prevent mental illness and ensure a happier future for yourself and your loved ones.

Give yourself time to breathe by putting your phone down or turning off your computer. Unplugging from technology, even for just a while, allows for self-reflection, makes you feel more grounded, and allows your brain to reboot.

Self-care is vital to having a good life! By practicing self-care, you can have a bountiful amount of pure love, while also relieving yourself from the pressures of everyday life and improving your overall well-being. So, the next time you give love to others, don’t forget to save a share for yourself.

Featured Image by Monstera from Pexels


  1. Some also recommend setting an “intention” before each meditation session. If you are meditating to calm down, you could make this your intention. For example, while you are standing there breathing, think about exactly what it is that is upsetting you, but don’t think about what you are going to do about it. Say to yourself, “During this meditation, I want to calm myself.” You could also simply say to yourself, “Calm.”


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