Read This If You’re Planning Your First International Trip

The bucket list might be big, but the to-do list for planning an international trip is bigger. Then there is a huge checklist of legal formalities that need to be ticked off before you actually take a flight to your dream holiday destination. But before everything else, what place will you choose to go down in your travel history as your first international destination?

It is not so easy to zero in on your first international destination. Ask about it in your peer group and expect loads of information to snowball at you. 

Expect veteran globe-trotters to flaunt their memories as well as their mementos. Google it, and you will be blinded scrolling through – ‘Tips for first International trip’ and ‘10 Best Destinations for…. Blah blah.’

Just listen to your heart

Every corner of the world is beautiful as long as you can find love in that place. Remember your first Valentine’s Day! Yes, there was probably a perfect venue that was done up with a lot of warmth. There must have been some music at the backdrop, cakes, and gifts too. But the real cherry on top was bonding with your partner. That was the only thing that turned those moments into memories.

It is going to be the same when it comes to your first international holiday destination.

So how to go about it?

Here are tips to help you select your first international location.

1. Decide whether it’s a solo trip.

First things first, are you traveling alone, with your partner, or in a group? The answer to this question will help you streamline your search.

If you are going on a solo trip, you have a fair amount of freedom, but also the biggest share of responsibilities.

There are pros and cons to solo travel. The bad part includes doing everything on your own. And the good part is that you can do everything as you want to without bothering about what your other co-travelers will think.  

2. Pick your travel companions.

When you are traveling with someone, your companions are as much a part of your travel experience as the location. One of the best tips for your first International trip is to make sure to go with like-minded people so that you get to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

If you are traveling with your partner, you could look for a romantic getaway or a destination that caters to both of your passions.

3. Let your passion be your guide

If you are traveling alone, let your passion decide for you. Do you like history or art or do you love food, wildlife, or adventure? Does underwater life intrigue the urge in you to dive?

Here are some destination ideas based on things you might enjoy.

If you are a foodie

●    South Aegean, Greece – From savory octopus to herbed meat and salty cheese, Hellenic cuisine gives food connoisseurs the best dining experiences.

●    Matera, Italy – The local flavors of Matera give you a mouthful of experiences from sweet to savory. A their wines leave a lingering taste that you remember for the rest of your life.  

●    Japan – Here the dining experience does not just stop at savoring the food. You can enroll in cooking classes as well. The Japanese claim to be one of the healthiest people in the world. So it definitely makes sense to get a glimpse of their food habits.

●    If you are a vegan, you can explore these vegan friendly destinations.

If you are an adventure lover

●    Costa Rica – From hot-air balloon rides to jungle safaris and much more, Costa Rica is heaven for an adventure lover. 

●    New Zealand – Apart from the picturesque landscape, New Zealand is also the most vibrant place to live. Visit North Island for river rafting, Waiomo for caving, and Queens island for bungee jumping.  

●    Portugal – The country that rakes memories of explorers like Columbus, the archipelago of Portugal happens to be the most favored holiday destination for adventure lovers. From volcanoes to the tallest mountains and the best whale-watching sites, Portugal certainly deserves to be your first international destination.

If you are an art lover 

●    Barcelona, Spain – Barcelona is the perfect treat for art lovers. The city houses some of the most remarkable architectural pieces and art museums. 

●    Paris, France – The city where Van Gogh, Dali, and Picasso flourished offers a treasure trove for art lovers in its museums as well as on its streets.  

●    Cape Town, South Africa – The impeccable landscapes of Cape Town are as mesmerizing and breathtaking as the contemporary art in its Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa and South African National Gallery. 

There are many more names that can be added to the above lists. And who knows it better than the traveler himself? So, the best tip of all would be to ignore all the information from the internet or third-party recommendations. Just follow your heart to select the perfect destination for your international holiday. 

Photo by Los Muertos Crew from Pexels


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