Why The Best Moments In Life Are Always Unplanned

First, while reading this article, I would like you to play the song Wings by Birdy in your headphones. This is the song that was playing in the background when I was writing this post and it is the reason this article was even written.

I truly believe that some of the best memories in life come from having an unplanned moment.

Where an adventure is sparked from pure curiosity, where the unknown becomes attractive and ignites some of the best stories. To say the very least, it’s those nights that were least expected with the people you love the most that create, excuse my language, the most badass stories.

It is walking home with the person you love and pausing to catch a glimpse of the stars above, and realizing how small you are on this huge planet but, how a moment can make you feel something larger than this world. Where a surprise from your best friend on your birthday can make you smile larger than life. Where a wrong turn on the road can lead you to a hidden gem and a place to hold memories you could have never imagined.

More importantly, it is the fact that an unplanned moment means leading a life by being curious.

Where the road to an answer is sparked not to find the solution right away but to pursue because of a question. That the most memorable and rewarding things in this life are the questions you thought had an answer but, realize did not. Where the unplanned moment is not only to make the best memories with the people you love but where this idea of leading with curiosity leads to opportunities you thought did not exist. Whether those opportunities be to create the next badass story with your friends or the next career jump you feel thrilled to take on. The best opportunities come simply by being curious and asking questions. Go figure, why it is so important to ask questions to the person interviewing you or on that nervous first date, questions show interest, they show curiosity, they show you care. Being curious sparks that unplanned moment that sometimes can become the adventure of a lifetime.

So, keep asking…

because the unplanned moment you have been waiting for could be just one question away.

Photo by Manuel Meurisse on Unsplash


  1. It’s unclear why spontaneous trips are often more enjoyable than planned trips. But one thing is for sure, a spontaneous trip often creates a feeling of excitement and curiosity when experiencing new things.


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