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Why You Should Date A Man Who Gets Excited About You

He’s a rare breed; the type of man you’ve longed for but can never seem to meet. He’s secure in himself, and nothing can emasculate him.  

Date a man who gets excited about you; whose burning passion for you is abundant, apparent.

Date a man who eagerly plans his future with you.

The joy in his heart will seep into yours as he tells you that he hopes you’ll be his forever. In his vehement passion, he will make you believe that though your love is like the waxing crest of a new moon. You’ll envision standing with him at the altar, wearing an impeccably pristine dress, pledging your eternal love for him. He will have a fervent vision of his life that centers around the love you share; dancing together under the moonlight, playfully chasing your children, and sitting on a rocker together as your hair fades to silver. His exuberant plans for you will make you long for him more than you had ever believed possible.

Date a man who never fails to express his love for you.

His eyes will light up as he recounts the litany of reasons he fell for you. He will admire your soft hair, your bright eyes, your infectious positive energy, and your unwavering intelligence. He will lead each day and end each night by sharing everything you mean to him. This excitable man will expound on your kindness, your love, your support, and your presence. He will never stop to question whether or not his constant, cheerful enthusiasm threatens his masculinity—he will simply continue loving you wholeheartedly. His tangible love for you, flowing seamlessly from his heart to yours in the wake of his emotional transparency, will encourage you to profess your feelings for him without reservation.

Date a man who relishes in your own excitement.

His smile will widen as he listens to you speak; excitedly chattering about everything that makes your soul feel light. As he falls deeply in love with you, his feigned interest for the books he’s never read and the movies he’s never watched will gradually turn to genuinity as he relishes in your glowing smile and your gleeful laugh. His attachment to his own passions will never fade, but he will allow your loves to ensconce him, simply because seeing you excited excites him beyond measure.

He will understand that your passions, no matter how mundane or obscure, are a piece of the magic within your soul; the spell that has transfixed him to fall without rescue. His undying exuberance for the simple pleasures that make your life worth living will inspire you to wholeheartedly love the unwavering excitement his small joys provide, too.

Date a man who gets excited about you; a man who loves you with unquellable enthusiasm and childlike joy, a man who can’t imagine his life without you. Date a man who constantly wears his heart on his sleeve as he unabashedly expresses all the beautiful ways you’ve changed his life. Date a man whose wholehearted passion shines above all else; a man who will love you eternally for everything you are and everything you will become.

Previously published on Thought Catalog.

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