What To Remember When You Feel Like You’ll Never Find The “One” 

Everyone has asked this question at least once in their lives: “Will I ever find ‘the one’?”

When it comes to finding true love, some people may feel doubtful or insecure, especially as they get older and haven’t found their soulmate yet. However, it’s important to remember that finding love takes time, effort, and patience. It’s a journey rather than something that happens overnight. While society may pressure us to find long-term relationships, focusing on building strong and healthy connections with those around us is more important. By doing so, love will come naturally. You can even ask those in your circle for advice and support; the possibilities are endless.

But if you still worry about finding ‘the one,’ here are some things you should remember:

1. You’re growing every day.

One crucial factor contributing to a positive outlook is getting to know who you are and learning to appreciate yourself each day. This allows you to give yourself some self-love, be true to yourself, and determine the energy and lifestyle you want. Doing this will improve your chances of finding a compatible partner. Think about it: The more daily work you put into yourself, the greater your chance of a successful relationship.

2. Your person will come, just not overnight.

Unfortunately, Disney films and fairy tales have been lying to you. You’re not going to meet the one at a ball after losing your glass slipper, and they’re not going to climb up your hair into a castle. Because we’re so focused on what fiction tells us, we think that because we don’t find love overnight, we won’t find love at all. Sometimes, we have to sit, wait, and trust that our person is coming — even if we thought they’d be here by now.

3. You have high standards, and you should!

We all have standards for what we want in a partner. You can like someone who seems perfect at first, but because they don’t meet one of your standards, you choose to let them go. People might think you’re crazy and say things like, “How could you let them go? They were the perfect package!” Sure, maybe they’re perfect for them, but not for you. You are worthy of the love you want. If you want your partner to have a certain characteristic, don’t settle until you find that. Don’t let someone else make you lose your worth because you just want to be in a relationship. You have value and should never attempt to let anyone decrease it. Especially if they’re not meeting the standards that you have.  

4.  Consider your options. You always have the final say!  

We all stress about wanting to be in a relationship. So sometimes, we forget to appreciate how amazing it is to be single. Once we get into a relationship, we miss the freedom of being single. It can be a sticky situation. If you’re single right now, remember that now is your time to shine. You can do what you choose, make the plans you want to make, and wait until love actually finds you.

Sure, you will have different responsibilities like your career or family. But your single life should be amazing. So appreciate it while you have it. Travel, spend money on concert tickets, and make the most out of your time being single.

5. Your anxiety can motivate you sometimes.

Don’t stress about finding love. Instead, focus on being emotionally available. Live your life authentically, and don’t fear being alone. Confidence and positivity will attract the person you’re meant to be with

6. You’re not disaster-prone.

You’re not at the end of your journey when it comes to love or life. You’re young, and you have so much life in you. When you’re feeling down about your love life, think of all the people you haven’t met yet who will love you. Love is meant to push you forward, not hold you back. Instead of simply searching for a partner, we should look deeper and question if we can genuinely cherish a love partner. It is important to recognize that finding the right person takes time and cannot be rushed.

The process can feel like a battle as we discover and figure out our perfect match and determine if the connection will last. I am currently in the process of discovering my identity and putting in effort towards self-discovery. And it would help if you did that, too.

Now, how does that sound?

Featured image via Brooke Cagle on Unsplash


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