30 Simple Activities That’ll Significantly Increase Your Happiness

As well all know, small joys in our life often go overlooked. However, these can make a large impact on our mood and memories. Furthermore, we pass over these simple pleasures as they may only be temporary. Instead, we should be highlighting those happiness boosters, no matter how tiny.

I realized that simple things really do bring us joy when my mom was recalling a story of my grandmother’s calendars. She got a new one each year and always looked forward to finding out which months have a Friday the 13th (that’s her lucky day). So, I thought it was quite cute. Something so minor gave her something to look forward to and brought her a thrilling excitement — even if only temporarily. 

When in a funk or just needing something to smile at on a bad day, there are so many simple joys that can help bring us that extra kick of happiness. 

Here are 30 simple joys that can help bring you happiness, even if it’s only for a brief moment:

1. Look through childhood pictures or videos for a smile and even a good cry.

2. Go for a quick drive or walk in order to feel some fresh air on your face.

3. Eat icing out of the tub. Then, don’t regret it.

4. Watch a YouTube video you loved to watch when you were younger. 

5. Read a short story or poem. Hell, even a novel will do.

6. Belt your heart out to a Disney songs playlist. This is the ultimate de-stresser and afterward, you will feel like you’re in a broadway musical.

7. Go to a bookstore (like Chapters/Indigo), then grab a coffee from Starbucks, and read anything in the world in the reading section.

8. Treat yourself to a new lip gloss or your go-to makeup product.

9. Call a relative and catch up. (My go-to person is my grandmother, and our talks make her day.)

10. Organize your closet. (Surely, I’m not the only person who thinks this is soothing.)

11. Crank up the volume and then jam out to one of your old favorite bands you barely listen to anymore.

12. Binge your favorite TV series.

13. Write out your to-do list/month of activities in a calendar. 

14. Do your hair really nice for no reason when you have the time.

15. Make chicken fingers and fries at home. There’s something about that favorite childhood meal that’s uber comforting.

16. Walk through a store that smells good and window shop. (My go-to spot is Chapters.)

17. Draw yourself a bath. 

18. Open your window on cold and miserable days to get some fresh air and to smell the rain. 

19. Treat yourself to another throw blanket or fuzzy pillow just because you can, even though you already have enough. 

20. Stay up super late one night and binge-watch some of your favorite movies with a candlelit. 

21. Cleanse who you follow on social media. 

22. Indulge in your favorite baked goods. 

23. Ask your parents or guardian to make you your favorite childhood meal because no one can make it as good as they can.

24. Create a new playlist on your phone and download new music.

25. Do a massive supplies shopping spree for the things around your home such as Kleenex, toilet paper, and new facial cloths. 

26. Watch interviews of your celebrity crush just for a laugh. 

27. Paint your nails a dainty and elegant color in order to make it seem like you have your life together.

28. Wear your sweatpants or pajamas all day on a weekend day — just because you can. 

29. Get lost in a beautiful love story whether it be on-screen or on pages. 

30. Daydream wherever you want to and dream of what you’d want your dream world to be like because you’re never too old to have a fantasy. 

Obviously, different things bring different joys to all of us. Moreover, you can create your own list of satisfactory things that you enjoy too, and strive to make an effort to implement them in your everyday life. These simple pleasures really do make the world of a difference. Thus, the next time you’re feeling down, try one of these. You’ll be amazed at how much happiness the smallest moment can bring.

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash


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