Here Are The Perfect Earrings For Every Occasion

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Earrings are an accessory that can truly glam up any outfit. Whatever the occasion, the right pair of earrings can tie an outit together nicely. How you plan to wear your hair can also determine what style and length of earrings you choose. Below are a few suggestions for various scenarios. Regardless of what you choose, remember that you are beautiful and unstoppable.

The Interview

You finally landed an interview at your dream job. You know you’ve got the professional skills and the resume to show you deserve it; now you just need to complete your look. For an interview you’ll more than likely be wearing a suit or business attire. You’ll want to compliment this outfit with something simple and elegant. A simple ball earring or some pearls could do just the job. You don’t want to attend an interview wearing something flashy or dangling as it may set off the wrong impression.

The Wedding

One of your best pals is tying the knot and you’ve got the perfect outfit. Now, you’ll just need the right pair of earrings. Remember that the focus that day is on the newlyweds, but you can still rock something fun and unique. Below are several pairs of earrings that are the perfect mix of flair and taste.

Girl’s Night

You’re finally getting to go out and dance! Your hair is flawless, makeup is on point and you’ve got a smokin’ hot outfit planned. Now you need some flashy and fun earrings to complete the look. You and your tribe will be out on the town looking better than ever. Here are some ideas to complete your look.

Holiday Happenings

As the holidays come up and we are spending time with our closest family members and friends, we want to look comfy but also cute. These earrings will help add the perfect addition to an outfit while you’re eating turkey or singing carols with family. 

Busy Bee: Running Errands

Most of our days off are spent running around to appointments, grocery shopping and whatever else we may be looking to get accomplished before going back to work. We are usually in our comfiest leggings, rocking a messy bun and getting ‘ish done. Throwing in a pair of these earrings can help you feel like you still look somewhat put together, even though you may not feel that way. 

Date Night

After a long week, you and your honey are finally able to get a chance to go out and enjoy one another’s company. Whether you’re going to dinner and a movie or bar hopping around downtown, these earrings will remind them just how beautiful you are and draw attention to your gorgeous face. Get it, girl.

The Ones You Can Wear All Week

If you’re anything like me, sometimes the week gets away from you and the last thing you’re thinking about is the fact that you have not changed your earrings in days. These pairs below can be matched with most anything and are versatile enough that no one should notice if you have not changed them for a little while. 

The versatility behind different sets of earrings make a world of possibility. What’s your favorite pair? Let us know in the comments below.

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