5 Jewelry Trends You Need To Finally Hop On In 2021

There’s not a lot about 2020 that we’d choose to keep around. From the raging nightmare of the bushfires to the pandemic and everything that came alongside it, 2020 should have ended months before it did. 

However, 2020 has brought us some great things as well. The community response to major disasters has shown that we constantly show up for each other, that we will help our friends and neighbors when it matters, we’ve seen great art blossom from isolation, ingenuity and connection. We’ve also seen some great trends emerge in the world of art, fashion and – most importantly for this article – jewelry. 

In a world in which we’ve mostly appeared to each other from the waist up on Zoom calls or from six feet away, accessorising has become more and more important. From your jingly bangles to your personal diamond pendant, every accessory counts.

Here are some jewelry trends from 2020 that we hope stick around and continue to kick ass in 2021!

Statement Jewelry

2020 has been all about statement jewelry with surprising twists. Colorful pieces have been a great way to bring a bit of fun to what has been the year from hell. Graphic pieces have also brought a bit of the fun pop art feel to the year. Many personalized pieces with initials, star signs and birthstones have been soaring in sales as people look for ways to treat themselves as we go through the ordeal that is 2020. 

Tubular Jewelry

Aesthetically, tubular metallic pieces have become epically popular especially in the realm of bangles and hoop earrings. Layering has become a huge trend which seems to make sense in a year in which ‘more has been more’ for better and for worse, think oversized chains and statement pieces. When it comes to which materials we choose pearls, particularly natural pearls like this necklace, have been having a real moment. The key with pearls is to have them work in a way that keeps them young and fresh rather than old and dated. With raw pearls mixed with other metals, we can keep the look fresh. Unsurprisingly, a trend that emerged in the pandemic was adding nature into our jewelry with sculptural florals and animal motifs making a big comeback. 

Statement Earrings

In a year where we’ve been largely seen from the shoulders up in Zoom squares, it’s no surprise that earrings have become a major way for people to express themselves. Big hoops have been all the rage, playing into the tubular trend we’ve seen in jewelry overall. Statement pearl earrings and mismatched studs have also soared in popularity as we look for ways to bring a little bit of bling to an otherwise dull video conferencing call. 

We May Not Have Liked This Year But We Sure Put A Ring On It!

Beyonce said if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it and – even though we wouldn’t go as far as to say we ‘liked’ 2020 – we did love the slew of great ring trends it brought and we hope that this celebration of fun and color continues well into 2021.  

Gypsy Rings

Gypsy rings first became popular in the 19th century with the inlaid gemstones allegedly preventing theft from gypsies, however, if you’re not quite up on that bit of history, you might recognize them for their kitschy, 1970s, slightly camp feel. Signet rings, whilst once the providence of television patriarchs and frat boys, have become a fun way to play into the surging trends of precious metals and personalization. Mismatched stones, following along from the trend of eclectic jewelry have become a major force to be reckoned with in ring design. Think of Ariana Grande’s engagement ring which combines an oval-cut diamond with an ivory pearl – which will surely be echoed in engagement rings throughout 2021.

Colorful Eternity Bands

Colorful and rainbow non-bridal eternity bands have also become super popular for their enduring classic nature with a fun twist. Understated shapes with bright pops of colour, they have become the elegant statement ring of the season. Gold cocktail rings and classy dress rings are also a great way to add a bit of fun and celebration to an outfit and liven up what has been an otherwise dull year. 

So as we welcome 2021 with open arms, let’s not forget to take a minute to consider helping these amazingly fashionable jewelry trends and help them have their moment in the sun when we’re (finger’s crossed) all able to safely come together again in 2021.

Photo by Olive Tatiane on Unsplash



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