5 Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas You Can Get Inspo From


You wake up to the delectable smell of roasts, sweet potatoes, and freshly baked biscuits in the morning. There is something truly unique and nostalgic about Thanksgiving. Regardless of the traditions you follow, the chances are that your family celebrates the event in some form or another.

Thanksgiving dinner is a symbolic event in various countries, including the US, Canada, and Grenada, to name a few. Such dinners are usually hosted in midafternoon but can also be conducted in the late evenings. This means that the dress code for dinner can be quite varying as well!

Whether you have decided to host a full bash surrounded by your friends or family or wish to keep it intimate and cozy, the chances are that you will find yourself in front of your wardrobe, unable to decide what you wish to wear.

Don’t worry! We are here to ensure that at least one of your dilemmas is taken care of. Here are the five thanksgiving outfits everyone is currently raving about. You can surely take inspiration from them.

1. Sweater Dress

The perfect hack in Thanksgiving is to wear something comfortable. Why? Well, you will be eating a lot of food that day. So, the last thing you want is to wear a form-fitting dress that makes you feel that you are about to explode!

One outfit that has gained immense popularity is a sweater dress. This comfortable attire is cozy enough for you to eat and laugh for the entirety of the day without looking bloated. Additionally, since the outfit hugs you in all the right places, you are bound to look effortless and put together.

Here is Blake Lively rocking the trend and looking classy while doing it.

Pair the dress with ankle boots, and voila, you will be able to pull off a stylish yet cozy look. In case you live in a warm country, you can even consider wearing an oversized T-shirt as a dress! However, make sure it looks formal enough for the occasion.

2. Jumpsuits

The past few years have been about the jumpsuits! While you might think that jumpsuits are most apt for formal or ultra-casual hangouts, this is not always the case.

Depending on how small (or big) your Thanksgiving dinner will be, you can select a style and print. For starters, a denim jumpsuit will be ideal for a thanksgiving lunch with your friends. But, you would want to wear something more sophisticated like a solid-colored silk jumpsuit if it is an evening event!

According to the guest list and the dinner time, decide the style of jumpsuit you wish to wear. These days, geometric prints are quite popular. They add the perfect pop of color and allow you to look chic and flattering with immense ease.

3. Denim and Leather Jackets

There is just something so timeless about leather jackets that they have weathered the fashion storm since the past decades and have still come out strong (and transformed) at the end. Remember when leather jackets were limited solely to Harley Davidson users?

From the good old days where leather jackets were worn only by such bikers, now we live in a time when such jackets are preferred by everyone, for a variety of occasions. In fact, now you can easily find plus-size leather jackets as well!

For the occasion of Thanksgiving, you can pair your leather jacket with denim jeans and a white undershirt for the perfect look. There are different types of leather jackets you can choose from.

 This includes an aviator jacket, biker jacket, and blazers. If you are traveling to see your family, we suggest you opt for a leather trench coat to make the perfect entrance.

4. Become a (Pumpkin) Pie

Why is it that we only allow our funkiness to come out during Halloween? If you have ever heard of Yara Shahidi, you know that she makes bold style statements. For starters, take a look at the following outfit.

Who knew you could look great while looking like a pumpkin pie! You can pull off a similar outfit too. There are various different colors you could play with. You can choose to be the crust (beige), the pie filling (rusty orange), or the whipped cream (white).

Go for a monochrome look for the most impactful outfit. If you are feeling funky, you can also mix it all up! After all, it is the holiday season. And there is nothing better than shaking up your style and making a bold statement during the fall season.

5. Polka Dots

Have you ever had a problem pulling off a polka dot outfit? Probably not! This is the best thing about this style. You can wear it as a dress, a monochrome jumpsuit or as a shirt and you will still manage to look sophisticated.

You can take inspiration from Rebel Wilson when it comes to polka dots. Here is one of the looks that she managed to pull off beautifully.

The best thing about polka dots is that this outfit will not be limited to Thanksgiving unlike the pumpkin pie look. You can use it well beyond the holiday season. Again, choose your colors wisely. We would advise you to opt for darker shades since the fall is the only time you can truly utilize the greys and blacks within your wardrobe!

Choosing a new look every year for Thanksgiving is no easy feat! We understand the natural desire to stand out and be appreciated for your look. However, amidst it all, don’t forget that the essence of Thanksgiving is to meet your loved ones and have a blast.

Stick to the trending outfits of every year to choose your thanksgiving attire. The key is to look put together while cozy at the same time. After all, there is a lot you have to eat!  

Photo by Any Lane from Pexels



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