Why Millennials Are The First Generation To Embrace A ‘Side Hustle’


The work hustle world constantly changes, with technology opening some doors to new careers while turning other roles obsolete. In past decades, the work-life of most people consisted of just one standard nine-to-five job. In recent years, however, more young people have taken on the challenge of extending their workday with a side hustle.

So, What’s a Side Hustle?

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What is a side hustle, anyway? In short, a side hustle is any additional work an individual takes on outside their regular job. Sometimes, this involves taking on a second job as an employee for someone else. For others, side hustles serve as an entryway toward full self-employment.

With today’s technological advances, many millennials have found side hustles that don’t even require them to leave their homes. Remote workers enjoy the benefit of working in their pajamas, as well as the freedom from requiring to commute. This, in turn, provides these individuals with additional time to earn more money.

Why Have a Side Hustle?

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People take on side hustles for various reasons. Some look for extra work because their income doesn’t provide enough money to manage bills while also enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

Other millennials take one on to fully explore their passions, either in preparation for a career change or to exercise their unique talents. Many people have hobbies they already enjoy doing. So, if they can make some extra money for doing so, all the better!

Moreover, some people build their entire income around various side hustles. These ‘Jacks’ and ‘Janes of all trades’ may take on a series of short-term contracts or work part-time for multiple employers. As opposed to having one primary full-time job.

Finally, some millennials only have a side job for a short period. For example, taking on an additional job to gather sufficient savings allows some to be able to backpack around Europe for a month or two.

Common Side Hustles

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There’s a side hustle for just about everyone. Those who enjoy helping others excel at side gigs such as tutoring children or offering caregiving services to seniors who live alone.

Tech-savvy millennials often enjoy side jobs that involve computer programming or computer and cell phone repair. Many tech gurus can charge a decent amount for ridding clients’ devices of nasty viruses, repairing their broken screens, or setting up their home networks. Others design websites for businesses or develop apps and programs.

Those with a creative bent can also use their talents to bring in extra cash. Those with a passion for crafts or painting can sell their wares at weekend flea markets and art shows. Others choose to promote their creative products on websites such as Etsy.

Additionally, the internet has created a need for freelance writers to produce copy, so those who impressed their English teachers can pitch their pieces to various companies or websites. Others with writing talents partner with small businesses to create email campaigns and advertisements.

Finally, some choose to create a business of their own, such as an organic skincare line or a bookkeeping operation.

Online Side Hustles

There are a great many freelance websites so all types of freelance work can be a great means to add extra income to the rainy day fund. For those people who may not be so artistic or creative as to begin working in web design or graphic arts, there are still numerous online side hustles that are readily available to increase your income online.

Freelance Translators Online
Freelance Translators Online can make a fairly decent income, especially if they take the time to build up a list of regular clients. People who have mastered more than one language can almost always find freelance translation work online. You can find some other tips about freelance translation on this post.

Freelance or Part Time Interpreter Jobs
Once you get good enough to recognize the more subtle and nuanced idiomatic quirks of the written word, you may want to try your hand at becoming a freelance interpreter online or off. These positions will not always provide regular work in smaller towns, but can be a steady and impressive source of income in big cities.

Freelance Writing Online
Freelance writing online is another easy way to get in the world of freelance work. While it may take a little bit of work to get back into the better habits of writing, this can be an excellent way to begin making extra money online in your spare time.

Freelance Transcription Services Online
If you are not yet comfortable enough with your writing and language skills to seek out work as a freelance writer online, you can always look for extra income doing freelance transcription work online. Video and even some podcasts will often use professional transcription services to write out their work either in the form of closed captioning for videos or a literal transcription of their podcast.

Freelance Proofreading Services Online

Freelance proofreading online is also another excellent online earning opportunity for the more pedantic person. While it may not be an ideal resume enhancer completing homework assignments for college students, freelance proofreaders can make a pretty good living showing students where they are making errors and helping them to get better grades without doing all of their work for them.

Again, these are great ways to create a secondary stream of income that can become full time work online with a little dedication.

Do the Hustle!

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Anyone hoping to cash in on the side hustle craze should start by reflecting on what type of opportunities they want to pursue. You should ask yourself what you’d do for work if money were no object. Furthermore, engaging in an activity fueled by passion helps the extra working hours fly by.

Whether your goal is to pay down student loans, save for a house, or just have extra money to spend at the bar, side hustles offer someone of any generation a chance to get paid for tasks they enjoy. It can open new career doors while growing your bank account!

Do you have a side hustle? Tell us in the comments below!

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