6 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Beauty School

Whenever you hear the word ‘makeup,’ what do you think of? Is it Kim Kardashian? With contoured cheekbones, red lipsticks, or perhaps James Charles (a.k.a the YouTuber who is also the first easy, breezy CoverBoy)? Whatever it is, you definitely have probably wondered about the secrets behind the magical cosmetics world. Every time you scroll through social media, it crosses your mind, “what it’s like to be trained in a beauty-related subject?” You think about the people, the teachers, and of course, the high tuition fees. 

If you’re considering makeup school, you’ll definitely meet some of the people mentioned below. And I promise, there will be no surprises: 

1. The Skincare Guru 

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This person is a skincare hoarder: They probably have three tables of trendy products ranging from CeraVe to Drunk Elephant. Throughout class, they may ask about your favorite moisturizers, eye creams, and cleansers. Whenever they apply makeup on someone, they may point out the other person’s blemishes. So, if they ask about your skincare routine and comment about the condition of your skin, try your best to switch the topic before it gets uncomfortable. 

2. The Influencer

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Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Snapchat, you name it – this person has it all! Plus, they have over ten thousand people monitoring their actions. This student can never leave the house without lashes and may arrive in class with a full-face of makeup. If you want to ask about the latest beauty guru drama, you can perhaps invite them over for an afternoon tea party… And wait for them to spill the drink.. 

3. The one following their dreams 

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Beauty school is a diverse place filled with students of different ages and backgrounds. Some quit their day jobs just to go to beauty school and become makeup artists.Some of these individuals  may even be in your class. Remember to give them props for chasing their dreams! 

4. The confused and smart student 

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This person may have been an engineering, science, or math major, but the reason why they applied to beauty school is to find their creative side! Instead of working a 9-to-5, they wanted to add a side hustle for  extra income. Whenever you see these students, be easy on them, they’re trying their best while   juggling a lot of work. 

5. The Artist

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These students previously went to school for graphic design, painting, sculpture and visual arts. However, they nudged towards makeup due to the creative aspect. Most of them want to become the next Glam and Gore, or work towards a role in the next Oscar-award winning movie. If you see they’re work, you’ll definitely be surprised by their innovativeness! 

6. The typical high school graduate 

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Unlike the others, this student just graduated from high school and decided to apply to beauty school. They may be unsure of their career path and choose a job that would be suitable for short term achievements. However, they are willing to attend class and complete the required homework on time. 

We’ll all have different experiences in beauty school, but there is a good chance that you’ll still meet similar classmates. Throughout your studies, you’ll realize that all of your classmates come from different backgrounds and beliefs while working towards similar goals. Try to make as many friends as possible and talk to others about different topics. School is hard, but having classmates from different age groups and interests may be better than that new, trendy, eyeshadow palette.

Featured image via Johan Mouchet on Unsplash


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