3 Wholesome Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Smile


With the onset of the COVID-19 Delta variant, it is crucial that we take some time each day to scroll through some wholesome social media content. Not only does laughing and smiling uplift you, but it has many health benefits too. 

When you smile, your brain releases endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, which all help to release negative emotions. 

Here are three of my favorite wholesome and hilarious Instagram accounts to follow. 

1. Action for Happiness 

Action for Happiness is a movement based in the United Kingdom whose goal is to bring people happiness. The Action for Happiness Instagram page shares daily tidbits on how to maximize your wellbeing. 

These tidbits can help change your perspective on a difficult situation you may be going through, like the pandemic. Try starting each day with one of their posts to get off on the right foot. 

2. Bottega Zero Waste

Bottega Zero Waste is an Instagram page dedicated to the art of DIY soap bars. Not only do I find her content relaxing, but I also learn something new with each of her soap tutorials. Feel free to use her account to block out all the negativity that we frequently encounter on Instagram.

3. Hicaitlinreilly

Known for bringing our worst pandemic nightmare to life — the coworker you hate in Zoom meetings — Caitlin Reilly is a COVID-19 comedy staple. Her account is mostly a selection of her best TikTok impressions. 

My all-time favorite is the infamous W.A.S.P. (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) mom, Cheryl.  She will stop at nothing to express her passive-aggressive distaste  (possibly to the manager). In fact, the WASP mom is the reason why retail workers google “how to deal with difficult customers.” 

Her impressions are so uncanny that I can’t tell if they’re hilarious, frightening, or both. 

Feature Image by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels


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