5 ‘Embarrassing’ Things You Should Share With Your Partner


Embarrassment is one of the primary feelings that bonds us together in relationships… when we’re willing to show it, of course. No one makes it through life without feeling awkward and self-conscious sometimes, but we do our best to hide our humiliation from others because we want to fit in, even if it’s just with our partners. Embarrassment shows that you’re human, and when you’re willing to expose your embarrassing moments to your significant other, then your relationship can become stronger than ever. Here are five common relationship issues that people often find too embarrassing to discuss — but that can ultimately make your partner fall more deeply in love with you:

1. Deeply hidden fears

Deep fears about our characters and personalities can easily overtake us. We may fear being unworthy of love, not being able to provide for ourselves, or not being good enough.

Everyone has a core fear that drives their behavior. You’re not alone, and if you share your fears with your partner, you may discover that they have some of the same ones that you do. Y

2. Family secrets

Many adults believe that the families that they came from reflect who they are. While your family does shape you, they’re ultimately separate from you.

Being able to talk about your family is a sign of health. It also can help your significant other understand you better.

Family issues are never easy to share, even when you’ve come to peace with them. But if you’re willing to open up to your partner about them, you may discover that you’re not so “weird” after all.

3. Dreams for the future

Sharing your goals and dreams is extremely vulnerable because when your partner’s reaction is in any less than 100% supportive and confident, you may doubt yourself.

Even if you don’t immediately doubt yourself, their lack of faith and support might cause you to face the cold, hard truth that they’re not the one for you.

But you must share your goals in order to see what your significant other really thinks of you. Either you’ll discover that you need to part ways, or your relationship will grow stronger as you find out that not only is your partner supportive, but the two of you are also on the same page.

4. Financial troubles

Your financial status is your personal, private business. But if you’re sharing your life with someone, you really need to discuss your finances. Struggling with money may feel embarrassing, but it’s best to lay out any debt you have. If your partner judges you for your financial situation, it’s really a reflection of them, not you. When you share about your finances, though, you may find that you end up with a new ally in your corner.

5. Unconventional sexual fantasies

Some sexual fantasies are easier to share than others, but sharing them with your partner can help you bond, even if they don’t have the same desires in bed.

When your partner truly loves you and wants you to be happy, they’ll want to know what turns you on. In turn, knowing what you like might turn them on too. As long as you communicate your intentions around your turn-ons, you have nothing to worry about.

If you’re in a relationship with a trustworthy partner, discussing embarrassing issues draw you closer to them. Your partner will probably open up too, which might hep you feel more comfortable. After all, you level the playing field when both you and your partner share awkward secrets. In the end, embarrassment is a key part of reaching any goal, including a loving relationship.

Originally written by Heather Hans on YourTango.

Featured Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.


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