Max Embers From ‘Songland’ Just Dropped His New EP

NBC’s show Songland allows unknown songwriters to pitch their ideas to well-known artists. During the final, contestants can perform their songs for well-known singers and songwriters. If you watched the show in 2019, you may remember Max Embers. He performed a song “Back Home” for John Legend and paired with Ryan Tedder to co-write his song, “Lookin’ Up”.

If you look up Max’s life story, you’ll notice that music has always been a pivotal part of his life. He has competed in several different competitions and studied music at Berklee College. Now, we are able to listen to a whole album made by this talented star since his new EP called idyllwild has just been released.

While working on NBC’s Songland, Max got the chance to work with Kelly Clarkson, Ryan Tedder, Colton Dixon, and many others. This experience helped shape his own creativity while also learning from the beauty, talent, and journeys of other artists. When asked about his experience, Max said: “This is a highly competitive industry, and it’s easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to everybody else and thinking you must sound just like what’s on the radio right now. But I think there’s a sweet spot of appreciating the beauty of other people’s art and letting it inspire your own creativity, but keeping in mind that what makes your art special is YOU. Nobody else sounds like you thinks like you, writes like you. So that’s where the most beautiful art will come from. “

idyllwild is a lot more than a sampling of songs though.

Max Embers worked diligently to create a truly transformative experience for his listeners. He paired his songs with home videos, capturing the experiences from start to finish. This allowed him to truly give his fans an opportunity to see his music-making process from start to finish. 

The singles off his EP include, wildest dreams, got to get you, mccartney, emily (voice memo), and alive

In addition, Max uses lyrics that truly resonate with the listeners. 

“Loved a few times, bold and faint

Searching for me

Still don’t really know who I’m supposed to be”

“If my life was just as wild as my wildest dreams

You could see me floating through your streets

Every time I tiptoed I’d lift off my feet

‘Cause flying’s always been my favorite game

In my wildest dreams”

“Everything will solve itself in time”

Max Embers is truly on a journey of a lifetime. These songs can help listeners get a glimpse into his life while also showcasing similarities between him and his listeners.

When asked about his music and the inspiration behind it, Max said,

“To help them see that we all deserve to dream, and to dream BIG. There are a lot of challenges we face as a global society at the moment, and things will not get easier in the next decades. I think for our own sanity, it’s important that we prioritize self-care, and find love for ourselves, while also cultivating love and compassion for others and for this planet as a whole. If my music can bring people together in that way, that would, truly, be my wildest dream.”

Max Embers is definitely an artist that many more people will come to love — both for his passions on and off the stage.

Featured image via Max Embers on Instagram



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