12 Things That I’m Unapologetically Proud To Be Cheugy For

You know those moments when you’re in a crowd of younger people, and someone makes a comment that makes you feel old instantly? I had one of those moments when my coworkers called me ‘cheugy.’ The conversation started with them asking me about my opinions on a few trends, and when I showed interest or got excited, they laughed and labeled me. 

What the hell does ‘cheugy’ mean? So I looked it up. 

Cheugy is a term describing someone who is out of date or trying too hard. That’s what TikTok taught me. And by the looks of my research, this term is targeted towards millennials aged 25 to 40 by those aged 24 and younger, otherwise known as GenZ.

At first, I thought, “Those little bitches.” I’m not that old, and I’m still fun and cool. But then, as I actually looked into the examples, I realized, “Holy shit, they’re right.” Instantly, I was reminded of this classic scene:

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If you know, you know. 

But how do you identify if you’re ‘cheugy’ or not? Well, the answer is simple. By liking these former (or current) trends. 

#GirlBoss Energy

I don’t know if it’s because these young kids don’t understand the reality of being a woman in this harsh world or how to advocate for confidence. Nevertheless, I don’t understand what is wrong with being a confident, assertive boss. (I say this as I type with a Girl Boss wall decal and a #GirlBoss desk plate).

Skinny Jeans

To all the young folks out there: We wore bootleg, straight-cut, and wide-legged jeans for years. Okay? So the invention of flattering skinny jeans was life-changing. Just wait until your body changes, and you’ll understand our high-waisted jeans.

The Side Part

Not everyone can rock a middle part, okay? The side bang was a fad, and even though the bangs are no more, the side part remains. Sorry for enjoying some extra volume in my hair. 

An Adult Who Loves Friends, Harry Potter, Disney movies, or The Office

No one told you life was gonna be this way, but Friends did for us. So we know what to expect. And The Office? Realistic AF. Maybe if y’all were old enough to understand the significance of these pop culture memories, you’d understand them.

Herbal Essence Shampoo

What the hell did an affordable shampoo do to you? It cleans your hair, smells nice, and is affordable. It all matters since we have actual bills to pay, and we’ve also used it for years. Sorry that we can’t go to Sephora and buy a $40 shampoo in a bottle that’s half the size of our old reliable HE.

Decorative Wood Signs

Teenagers did not have to attack me like this, but they did. Clearly, they are not cultured enough to walk into a Marshalls and have an adorable sign with a cute quote on it speak to them, indicating they need to have it. It’s called trendy, okay?

Jean Jackets

You know what trend always comes and goes but will forever remain? Our old, reliable, and fashionable jean jacket. I may not wear mine every season, but you bet your bottom dollar I hold onto it, waiting for it to make its comeback again. 

Cheesy Captions or Hashtags

I’m sorry, but who started the hashtag trend? Not you. You weren’t even old enough to own a cell phone while some of you weren’t even born yet. And those clever Instagram captions? That’s how we became popular on social media. Now it’s just a lifestyle. At least we look cute with our cheesy captions instead of pouting and looking uninterested in everything. 

Graphic Tees

The year was 2005. Everybody wore graphic tees. It was a competition on the playground to see which company’s logo was the most popular and whose had the best sayings. Well, guess what: They’re back, babies. And you know you’ll catch me wearing one… With tie dye!

Axe Body Spray

I’m not going to lie: Back when Axe was overly popular, not a lot of women liked it because the boys in school would use too much of it. It was the Juicy Couture equivalent for men. So even though we don’t actually like the smell because we’re traumatized, we do appreciate the scent because of the nostalgia it brings. 

Chevron Patterns

I’ll admit that it was a trend I totally ate up when it was popular. My bedding, laundry basket… basically a lot of my home goods dawned that pattern. But you know what? I still have a chevron pattern, and I love it. 

‘Live Love Laugh’ Signs

This saying was a motto. No, a lifestyle! I can still see the faint outline of my wall decals that sported this saying. I’m still living. I still love. And I still laugh. So, what is so wrong with that?

I bet you could relate to a lot of the trends mentioned above. How could people be so savage and rude to our interests and lifestyles? Let’s be real, every millennial woman reading this dropped their jaw at least once because it’s shocking other people don’t find it cool like we do. So to that, I say: If being cheugy is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Because we grew up with impeccable taste, and those trends will forever be cool.

Photo by Courtney Cook on Unsplash



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