7 Reasons To Thank Your Overbearing Parents

Let’s be honest here, parents can be super annoying sometimes. Especially the overprotective type. Sometimes it can be a battle with twenty questions before you can leave the front door just to go shopping! And trust me, I have heard it all.

“Where are you going?”

“What are you going to do?”

“Who are you going with?”

“Do their parents know they are going?”

“Do their parents know you are going with them?”

“Who is driving?”

“Have they driven before?”

“When will you be home?”

“How about I just drop you off instead?”

“Will there be boys!?”

Oh yes, I have heard it all.

However, as a teenager, I never thought about the lessons I might be learning from having parents that were just genuinely concerned for my well-being. At the time, as an angst teenager, all I could think about was how frustrating it was to have them in my business all of the time.

Now that I am a little bit older I have had time to reflect on my teenage experience, and honestly, I am so thrilled that I was blessed with two loving parents who worried about me enough to ask all of these questions. My experience with overprotective parents has shaped me to become who I am today, and it has allowed me to develop a way of critically thinking and analyzing situations to avoid danger.

I learned all of the most important life lessons from having parents that were nosey and always trying to get into my personal business. After contemplating why I appreciate them being overprotective during my young years, I would like to share these lessons with you because it might help you understand why you should thank your overprotective parents instead of getting annoyed and frustrated with them.

Here are some of the best lessons I have learned from my over-protective parents:

1. Boys

When it comes to developing crushes as a young teenager, us girls don’t always have the skills to see if the flirtatious talk is genuine, or if there is a hidden meaning behind it. I have had many friends who have had their heart broken because they thought that a relationship was developing, but only one party believed it. My parents always taught me to understand that the type of guy that I deserve was not one who would toy with my emotions. They taught me what was acceptable behaviour from a man and what was not. And most importantly, they taught me to see the red flags when someone had hidden intentions. These lessons I learned have been so helpful to me in my life because I have avoided doing something that I would regret later on. They may have been overprotective when they wanted to know everything about my life with boys, but they taught me important lessons that saved me from horrible relationships. And for that, I am thankful.

2. Friends

Thinking back on my past friendships, there have definitely been important lessons that my parents taught me. As with boys, my parents also wanted to always know who I was hanging out with at all times. Although I saw this as annoying, by knowing who I spent my time with they were able to tell me if I was hanging around good people or not. My parents weren’t judgemental people by any means, but they had a knack for seeing when a person was going to be bad news. I am thankful that my parents were nosy enough to get involved in my friendships because they taught me that friends who lie, and who want me to try and lie, aren’t the type of people I should be around.

3. Drugs

My overprotective parents taught me the simplest lesson about drugs. The cautionary tales they told me made me so afraid to try them, so I never felt the need to. It is simple enough, I was too afraid and I am thankful now that I never did.

4. Buddy system

Having overprotective parents meant that they were terrified of me going anywhere alone, especially at night time. However, this protective outlook allowed me to become critical of situations. I knew that there were certain areas I shouldn’t go, and I knew that when I was walking home I should never walk alone. Although it was frustrating to have them constantly tell me about the danger, I learned valuable lessons that have provided me with safety.

5. Planning ahead

My parents were protective of my future. By this, I mean that they wanted me to have a plan so that I could work, toward my goals. Yes, I can admit that it can be annoying to have your parents nagging you about what you want to do, but now I appreciate that nagging. Because of my parents, I planned my future when I was still young enough to take the proper steps to achieve my goals. I have never felt stressed out about what I want to do because I have always known. Of course my mind switched a few times, but nevertheless, I made sure to plan. And better yet, my parents taught me to always be proud of myself for whatever I do accomplish. Thanks for the nagging mom and dad!

6. Think before you speak

This lesson is one my favorites, and I swear I will take it to the grave! If there is one thing my father always told me it was, “think before you speak.” This has been the most valuable piece of advice that I have received from my overprotective parent. Now, this does not necessarily mean he was overprotective, but he wanted me to protect myself by knowing when it was the right time to say something, and what the right thing to say was. There were many times I would blurt something out and what I said would get me into trouble. Thus, my father would always tell me that I needed to think about what I was saying. What were the consequences going to be? Was it going to affect anyone, or myself? Was it the right time to speak? These questions are so important because I have learned that some things are appropriate at some times, but other things aren’t. This is such an important lesson and I can’t stress this enough!

7. Realizing that my parents are like this because they love me, and it’s a great feeling knowing you are loved and cared about

This is the last and final lesson I have learned from having two overprotective, loving parents. Damn, it was annoying sometimes growing up, but I am so incredibly lucky. Having two overprotective parents helps me to know that they are the way that they are because they love me. I am protected, and I always will be protected because my parents care, and knowing they care is the most important lesson of all.

So there you have it. These are the reasons why I believe having overprotective parents teach you the best lessons. Again, I understand the frustration that can arise due to them butting into your personal life, but in the end, it is so important that they do. Without my parents being the way that they are, I would have missed out on learning all of these valuable lessons. I hope that next time your parents play the twenty question game, you will take the opportunity to realize that you are lucky to be loved and cared for by two crazy, overprotective parents.

Featured image via Gustavo Fring on Pexels



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