#WhyImSingle Proves We Are All Still Single For The Same Reasons

After months without a funny Twitter trend, Jimmy Fallon kickstarted a hilariously relatable hashtag. 

Fallon started the hashtag #WhyImSingle on Twitter to get some new material for his late night talk show, and he ended up with some relatable, damn funny tweets that have users hitting “retweet.” 

Personally, the reason that I’m single is that nobody likes me (*insert cry face*). But these 22 Twitter users have plenty of other hilarious reasons for their single status:


Don’t we all find people who don’t care about these things?

If you ask me, Courtney is a queen who should get another dog. Does anyone else agree?

Total dealbreaker. Even worse: leaving the toilet seat up with pee all over it.

Personally attacked. But at least I’m not alone… ish?

It sucks that we always waste our talent for roasting people. Who’s with me?

This man is a visionary icon. We stan!

This sets the mood… for some “alone time.” 

Jacqui, you aren’t alone!

Oh my gosh, same! Flirting classes need to be a thing. 

#Relatable, Marisa.

LOL! If I were the Bachelorette, he’d get my rose!

This is not what I’m looking for…

Some of us have a whole list of reasons why we’re single.

Amen, sis. 


And they’re definitely not alone.

Is it bad that I want to know where she ordered these?

M&Ms just get us on a personal level.

Could we be any more obvious?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being single and happy, and I wish more people would embrace it!

#WhyImSingle has blown up the Internet – and we all know why. It’s nice to see other single people calling themselves out for their quirks and giving us something to laugh about! 

What is your reason for being single? Comment below!

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash


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