5 Tips To Make Social Media A Positive Space For You


Social media and mental health have a peculiar relationship. Some people believe that social media is creating unrealistic life expectations. Others are using it as a platform to spread awareness about things that matter. The online world is a gray place that relies on the user’s discretion.

With control and awareness, you can use social media to your advantage. If mental health is your priority, here are five tips to make social media work in your favor.

1. Increase Your Awareness

The social media world is quite mesmerizing. It is insane how time goes by scrolling through pages. Websites use SEO audit services optimize your search results and ads on social media. Essentially, they create analytics based on your search history to provide you with additional content you may be interested in. Stay aware of what you are searching, and don’t mindlessly scroll and click through ads.

2. Limit your Time 

Everybody values their time while performing everyday activities. So people often consciously plan and schedule events to keep things under control. Transfer that same idea to social media. Plan out how you want to spend an allotted amount of time when you log in, and stick to a schedule. It will seem impossible at first but, the more you do it the easier it will get.

You can find plenty of apps to tab your social media time. Alternatively, you can also limit the number of apps you use.

3. Be Part of the Greater Good 

Social media offers large communities which give you a sense of belonging.. It can be the platform where you can share, feel heard and vent your feelings. For the same reason, some global movements like “body positivity” and Black Lives Matter are fueled on these platforms. Use social media to create a group of people who can motivate and push you to do better. 

4. Take Control

While there is plenty you can learn from social media. It is often easy to fall prey to the negatives and wrong knowledge, especially when you are vulnerable. People with psychological disorders can find many media messages disturbing and triggering. Remember, you are the one to take control. If anything does not attune, take no time to unfollow or unsubscribe. 

Make your media pages a reflection of your life. Gladly, media platforms these days are more conscious of user safety. If you feel exhausted, take your moment and go for a social media detox. 

5. Learn From Experts (But Don’t Get Too Involved)

Every coin has two sides. For every annoying spam account, there is a motivational speaker, business tycoon, or athlete providing knowledge and insight for free.

To get the best of social media, keep a curated list of people to follow. Understand that every picture or post they make has a team of people working behind the scenes. Take what applies to your life and circumstances. 

The present times are all about how efficiently you use modern technology. Whether it is for managing your business or looking out for parenting tips, social media is undeniably the most incredible tool to earn first-hand knowledge. By clicking the right resources, you can learn everything you desire. With discipline and time-management social media can be positive for your mental health. 

Featured Image by cottonbro from Pexels



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