Pandemic Getaways: The Best & Worst Places You Can Travel To Right Now

2020 has been perhaps the most eventful year in the travel industry. Many countries have witnessed an increase in virus infections, as a result, the world is sprinting at its own pace for survival. The countries most affected are beginning to impose flight cancellations and border closures. Others are trying to reopen. This lack of coordination between different regions makes traveling difficult.  

Our desire to travel during a pandemic makes us wonder, “how can we find the wanderlust we once had?”

Sure, the timing right now may not be the best BUT nothing can stop us from planning for future travel trips.We should never let any obstacle defeat our excitement. To find the wanderlust we once had, let us discover which places to visit… and which ones to avoid. 


Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand prepared itself well before the pandemic outbreak. After experiencing an increase in cases, effective public health protocols were implemented. Even though border controls are tightened, visitors can still enjoy the ‘City of Sails’ after their imposed quarantine period. Some places to visit in Auckland are the Waitemata Harbour, Waiheke Island, East and West Coast Beaches, and Puhoi – a historical site founded by immigrants from the Czech Republic. The blend of culture and environment in Auckland really gives the city a distinct vibe.

Seoul, South Korea

Throughout the previous decade, Seoul has emerged as a global entertainment powerhouse. Historical places, like the Gyeongbokgung Palace, along with modern shopping centres showcase the different facets of the country’s origins. We can’t fail to mention that South Korea has also set a standard for preventing the transmission of COVID-19. Rigorous testing protocols combined with contact tracing methods have eliminated the virus’ ability to spread. Thus, traveling to South Korea is not as much of a hassle than expected. If you are willing to go, know you’ll be in safe hands.

Grindavik, Iceland

As of July 26, Iceland reported a death rate of 0.56% from COVID-19. Simultaneously, the government is also in the process of reopening the country. When the borders fully reopen, why not experience a geothermal spa? If you’ve ever felt the need to visit one, you can simply book a ticket to Grindavik and swim in the Blue Lagoon.


Along with Iceland, Singapore has a low death rate per capita as well. The highly-developed nation is the intersection between a city, island, and country. With one of the world’s strongest economies, Singapore is bustling with innovation, urban development, and technology. Moreover, the region also has a very low crime rate. Therefore, as a tourist, you don’t need to worry about any pickpocketing!


Los Angeles, California, United States

Before the pandemic, Los Angeles (L.A.) was a global dream destination among everyone. The hustle and bustle, and the presence of entertainment opportunities have attracted millions of influencers to settle in the city. However, L.A. has not been doing so well throughout the pandemic. As of right now, California is taking the lead as the state with the most coronavirus cases. However, I would also avoid Florida, Texas and Arizona as well as they are also hot spots for the virus in the U.S.

New Delhi, India

After weeks of containment, India is now facing a rise of COVID-19 cases. In just three weeks, India went from the sixth to the third-most affected country in the world. Additionally, visitors have also reported New Delhi to be overcrowded and filled with trash – yuck!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The city that once hosted the 2016 Olympic Games is now in the midst of chaos. On top of increasing coronavirus cases, hospitals are also facing the danger of becoming overcrowded. Unfortunately, the government is not doing anything about it and decided to publicly reopen beaches

Western Cape, South Africa

South Africa is now facing a ‘life’ or ‘death’ situation from the pandemic. Workers are saying the disease spreads like wildfire, resulting in rapid increases. Prior to COVID-19, South Africa also suffered through plenty of problems concerning human rights and land reformation. Better be safe than sorry when you travel!

Thinking about traveling after a year riddled with a pandemic is not easy. As different places begin to report more cases, we are still unsure of when we can purchase a ticket for an adventure. Regardless of current events, we should still continue to plan the trip of our dreams before we go. The pandemic will eventually pass, and we will enjoy exploring the beauty of our world again. In the meantime, let us remember to stay safe and not forget our adventurous inner-self. 

Featured Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash



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