Time To Thrive: 7 Things You Should Strive For In 2017

The year is winding down with just a few more weeks left of 2016. While most of us are probably excited to see 2016 go, we remain hopeful about what 2017 could bring for us. It’s right around this time of the year that people are beginning to reflect on the year and choose New Year’s Resolutions for themselves. While I, myself, had done away with New Year’s Resolutions years ago and instead replaced it with a yearly bucket list, this year, I am doing things a little differently. I decided to bring back the New Year’s Resolution, but instead of for myself, it’s what I hope for humanity.

  1. Respecting each other more.

The world has always had a difference of opinion, but it seems that it’s become more apparent in 2016. Even more so, we let that become a bigger problem than we should’ve let it become.  In 2017, I hope that we can respect each other more, regardless of each other’s opinions on politics, religion, and other beliefs. I hope that we can form opinions of others regardless of their stance in those situations and not let that cloud our judgment because our beliefs don’t always define us as a whole. It’s my hope that we can see each other for what we really are: human beings. Because we all deserve love, kindness, and respect. Let’s think twice about how we treat others and make sure we are treating them the best we can.

  1. Telling each other what they mean to us.

The thing about life is that it’s unpredictable and you’ll never know for sure what can happen. My wish is that we realize that sooner rather than later, and take the time to tell each other how we feel. Let our families know how much we love them. Tell our friends how much they mean to us. If we do that more often, perhaps so many of us won’t be left with as many regrets when life decides to do something unpredictable.

  1. Not being afraid to love.

I hope that in 2017, we aren’t afraid to love who we want to love. That we’ll be able to do so without fear of judgment or not being loved back. I hope that we’re able to give it our all without worrying about getting hurt, and then not looking back. In 2017, we should be able to put ourselves out there and go for what we want.

  1. Not being afraid to be loved.

My wish for humanity in 2017 is that we’re able to forget all of the negative things we think of ourselves and open ourselves up to love. I hope that we’re able to pull ourselves out of that hole that we’ve secluded ourselves in, forgetting that we believe that we don’t deserve it. Let’s sort out our commitment issues and let someone else love us, even if it’s the scariest thing we ever do. Surrender our instincts to run and just go with it.

  1. Having the courage to let go and leave behind the people and things that are bad for us.

It’s hard to let go of things that we spent so much time and effort on. I hope that we can realize a lost cause when we see one and have the courage to put it behind us and not look back. I wish that we are able to see for ourselves that we deserve better, and then aren’t afraid to do something about it. I hope that we can have the courage to start over and not let negative experiences hinder our journeys.

  1. Having the courage to follow our dreams.

I hope that in 2017, we are brave enough to follow our dreams, even if it isn’t practical or expected. That we are able to throw away our safety net in exchange for pursuing things we thought were impossible. I hope that we aren’t dissuaded by other people in our lives and that we’re strong enough to do want we want to do instead of what we’re expected to do – that we’re okay with straying from the beaten path and heading off into the unknown.

  1. Being brave enough to stand up for what’s right.

2016 was a year that saw a lot of division in America and humanity. In 2017, I hope that we are brave enough to stand up for our peers, even if we, ourselves, are not directly affected. I hope that we can have each other’s backs, not because our own lives are at stake, but because it’s the right thing to do. My wish is that we can put differences aside – race, gender, orientation, and ethnicity – and stand together. When we’re faced with doing what’s right and what’s easy, I hope we choose what’s right. And when that’s too hard to do, I hope we are able to find a compromise between the two.

Maybe my hopes are a little far-fetched and something that we can’t achieve in just one year. However, I think that 2017 is a great time to start working towards that. It’s time we start taking care of ourselves and each other. There’s seven billion of us in the world and it’s time we start acting like it. Nothing happens in a vacuum, and what happens to others affects us, too. We’re all in this together.

Featured image via Chris Gilbert on Unsplash


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