How Your Favorite ‘Sex and the City’ Character Would Handle Quarantine

When the new chapter of Sex and the City, entitled “And Just Like That…” was announced, SATC fan rejoiced! After leaving the air in 2004, we were gifted with two movies and then the screen simply fades to black and we were all left wondering what our fabulous four were up to! I am such a SATC fan that my dog is named Carrie Barkshaw. Clearly this chick is obsessed. Due to cast feuds between Kim Catrall and Sarah Jessica Parker, we will not see Samantha in the revival, which will follow the characters as they navigate love, relationships, and life in their 50s. I grew up with the characters, especially Carrie Bradshaw, with her love of shoes and writing. 

Then I wondered, in the midst of a pandemic, how do I think each SATC babe would handle the pandemic and quarantining?


Carrie is a social butterfly. She loves the lights, glamour, and general vibe of NYC. I picture Carrie chain smoking, pacing her apartment, waiting on Mr. Big to finish up his work (we never quite know what Big does). After becoming tired  of pandemic sex, she’ll discover online shopping and piles of boxes, containing her beloved shoes, will be at her door every day. Eventually, tired of the isolation, she’ll begin her next book project. Lastly, Carrie will make another discovery — Instagram. She’d become an influencer with her clothing and shoe collections, developing a cult following. 


Charlotte is a homebody, lovingly snuggled up to Harry, navigating being a wife and motherhood. Then, boom, the pandemic happens. Charlotte will deal with daughters, Rose and Lily, having to return home from college. With museums closed during quarantine, Charlotte is unable to be a docent. Never one to sit still, she’ll discover HGTV and begin to order DIY tools and supplies to renovate the apartment. It’ll be the first time Charlotte, the pollyanna pearl wearing conservative of the group, wears coveralls.  


Miranda will always be the spitfire of the group. Never one to back down from a challenge, Miranda will work pro bono eviction cases to help people retain their homes. She’ll struggle to know how to be there for Steve, when his bar Scout closes due to the pandemic. Brady will be sent home from college and Miranda and Charlotte will spend hours on the phone over their shared bond of motherhood and the stress adult children are bringing. 


Samantha would have quite a downturn in her PR business. No galas and events? No problem for Samantha. She’ll learn how to Zoom call clients, not understanding they can see her in her office. Samantha Zoom calls in the nude, realizes it far too late, then decides she doesn’t care. She’d order bluetooth for her cell phone for all the phone sex she’ll be having. 


Each week, the group will have a Zoom happy hour! With Carrie calling her friends, Cosmo in her hand, as they all catch up. And beg Samantha to please wear clothes next time. 

What do you think? How would the characters survive quarantine and the pandemic? Tell us in the comments!

Featured image via Hbo/Darren Star Productions/Koba


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