15 Palindromes To Impress Your Partner For National Opposite Day

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term, “opposites attract.” And if you agree with it, today, National Opposite Day, is the perfect time for you to celebrate it. However, instead of talking about how people with contradicting characteristics attract each other, we’re going to focus on something else: palindromes. If you aren’t aware, palindromes are words spelled the same way backward and forward. If you want to impress your partner who has different interests than you, here are 15 palindromes sentences you can use or relate to in various scenarios (when in a relationship): 

1. “Never odd or even.” 

So, let’s say your partner wants to buy you a gift so they ask what you like. However, if you want them to surprise you with an unexpected present, just reiterate: “Never odd or even.” 

2. “Stressed? Desserts.”

After you order pizza with your partner, you’ll probably want to buy something else. But what if your partner is feeling overwhelmed by all the options? Simply let them know — “Stressed? Desserts.” And finish off the order with your favorite chocolate or vanilla-coated cake. 

3. “Rise to Vote, Sir.”

Just a few months ago, you probably sat down with your partner to watch the election debates and discussed your favorite candidate amongst each other about your favorite candidate. If your partner slept in on voting day, you probably dragged them out of their princess nap and told them, “Rise to Vote, Sir.” 

4. “Wow!”

You’ve probably repeated this word whenever you were disappointed or surprised by your partner’s actions. There’s no in-between because there are always conflicts going on. 

5. “Dammit, I’m mad!”

Sometimes the conflicts get out of hand and they drive you mad. So, you must admit to your partner about how you feel. 

6. “Live not on evil.”

But then you still want to be the good, loving, and supportive person to your significant other. So, you choose to be kind and caring regardless of the disagreements.

7. “No cab, no tuna.”

You and your partner probably have felt this when deciding to go to a seafood restaurant. The restaurant is far away and because time is limited, the only way to go to the place is to hail a taxi. But what if the taxi is expensive? 

8. “Too hot to hoot.”

 If you catch your partner saying this, please be aware and keep an eye out. Or if you’re feeling uncomfortable, dump them.

9. “Sex at noon taxes.”

When your partner says this, you’ll know that perhaps the afternoon is not the best time for intimate adventures. Perhaps plan for before bedtime. 

10. “No word, no bond, row on.”

The perfect sentence to describe either a breakup or a one-night stand. Both scenarios are terrible, and this sentence should be avoided as much as possible.

11. “Not on.”

You’ve probably heard this a couple of times when your significant other tries to log onto social media. They will tell you they’re “not on,” but perhaps they turned off their availability status. After all, who knows what their intentions are? 

12. “Was it a rat I saw?”

If you’ve ever lived with your partner in an apartment located in the middle of nowhere, you’re familiar with this sentence. The animals behind the wall perhaps come out at night to nibble on cheese or peanut butter. And sometimes, you spot them. 

13. “No lemons, no melon!”

If you date someone who loves lemons, they may make you purchase them every day, regardless of how much you hate them. In fact, they may convince you to the point — if you’re a melon lover — that you can’t purchase your favorite fruit until you buy theirs. Another contradicting interest, again.

14. “No, it is opposition.”

Perhaps the perfect phrase to describe couples who have contradicting perspectives and views from one another. They oppose each other’s beliefs but somehow, it all works out in the end.

15. “I did, did I?”

Your partner asks you a question and you try to remember the answer. It can be about a chore, a promise, or an action. Sometimes, recalling the events may be difficult as you’ve rushed out the door. However, it’s best to tell them the truth. 

The palindromes listed above can relate to our dating experiences with a partner who had a dissimilar interest than us. Sure, it can be clashing and frustrating at times. But through it all, we’ve learned how to push on and love one another regardless. And again, if they say “Too hot to hoot” to someone else, dump them immediately. 

Featured image via Basile Morin / CC BY-SA


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