7 Ways To Avoid Disappointment In Your Relationship

Relationships can be tricky. No rule book dictates what a perfect relationship is supposed to be like. For some people, posting a picture can be a significant milestone, while others can date for years and not share a single post. The same goes for spending time together. Some couples cannot live without knowing what their partner is doing every second of the day, while others check up on each other once in awhile because they enjoy their personal space. It’s always nice when your views on a relationship coincide perfectly with your partner, however in a lot of cases both of the sides have to make some compromises for the relationship to work. Guys and girls are very different. Hence the way we view our day to day life can be very different as well. I have heard numerous girls complain about how their partner doesn’t spend enough time with them or does not show them enough affection when the guy does not even know that there is an issue in the relationship. It’s important to understand that even though we do have certain expectations about what a partner should do, we also have to realize that we have to make certain compromises as well. So here are seven ways you can stop yourself from overthinking and lower your chances of getting disappointed by your partner’s actions.

  1. Don’t assume that your guy knows when you are mad or what you are angry about

Guys are not mind-readers. Even if what you are angry about makes perfect sense and you think that anyone could get it, it doesn’t mean that it’s clear to him. If your partner did something to upset you, the actions might not have been voluntary because everyone has a different understanding of what’s okay and what’s not. Communication is essential in any relationships so talk it out before you start over thinking about the situation.

  1. Stay away from your man’s social media

It’s tempting to go way back in his social media posts and see what he was like before you two met. However, knowing too much might not be a wise idea. Our imagination gets the best of us sometimes. I know that I let my imagination run wild at times and not in a positive way. It’s easy to overthink things that we can’t directly ask about. So just resist the temptation of trying to find something that you might later on regret.

  1. Don’t get overly excited for plans that are a month in advance

Anything can happen in a month, or in a week, or even in a day. Don’t create a perfect date in your head that is still quite some time away. I have noticed guys tend to take things day by day. It’s sometimes impossible to even make plans that are a couple of weeks in advance with some guys. Just don’t take things personally if plans don’t work out and reschedule.

  1. Stop thinking how your guy would/should respond

By creating an imaginary dialogue inside your head, you could be unintentionally setting yourself up for a disappointment. Don’t expect to have a particular response from your partner about a question or an issue that you want to bring up because even if all signs point to one answer you never actually know what goes on in another person’s head.

  1. Let things go

I know this is the most cliché advice ever, but in reality when you get mad at someone usually that person feels nothing remotely close to what you want them to feel. Just laugh about the situation and move on. There is no point in holding a grudge if the other person just can’t get through their head how much the situation meant to you.

  1. Don’t expect too much

We all have different ideas about what affection is and how to show it. For some girls getting a good morning and goodnight text from their significant other is a must. On the other hand, for some people, this might be a non-essential action. Relationship rules don’t apply to everyone. However, if there is a serious issue at hand make sure to bring it up to your partner and be honest about how you feel.

  1. Don’t compare your relationship to someone else’s

Every relationship is unique, so don’t start comparing your relationship to your friends’. From a distance, every relationship can seem perfect, but that doesn’t mean there are no underlying issues that your best girlfriend just doesn’t talk about. Focus more on yourself and your partner and not on what others post on social media.

Over thinking and letting your imagination run wild, while not communicating openly with your partner can cause little rifts in a relationship. However, being honest and learning how to compromise are all essential things that we have to learn for ourselves. No relationship is perfect so don’t wind yourself up because of the little things.

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