I Love My Country, But Frankly, I Am Sick Of American Politics

In elementary school, we started our days by placing  our hands on our hearts and pledging our allegiance to our homeland. At sporting events, the playing of the nation’s anthem precedes anyone playing ball. Every summer we enjoy long weekends to celebrate the birth of our country, the very root of our independence. We were taught to love the United States, and to cherish all the stars and stripes stand for. 

At its core, I do love my country. I’m grateful to be free because of the sacrifices of those that came before me. I believe that there are good cops, I also know that there are crooked officers who abuse their authority. We’ve made baby steps towards progressive equality, but I also see how we desperately need growth and acceptance. I do believe that there are some politicians out there that seek positive change, not extra lining to their own pockets. However, that hope grows dimmer by the day. 2020 wasn’t the origin of the disparity, it was merely a wake-up call. The injustices of the American system far proceed the last 365 days. All in all, to say I’m disappointed with the current state of the U.S. is putting it gently.

I currently live in Japan. From the outside looking in, it’s painfully evident to see the cracks in the foundation. I was blinded and biased by my own privilege. I felt that the U.S. could do no wrong. That leaders weren’t seeking their own gain with every move they made.

I was wrong.

It’s disheartening to see a society so fractured. Neighbors are divided to the greatest of extremes. I know we can be better than this. As far as developed first world countries go, the U.S. has no excuse to not be at the top of the list. Unfortunately, this definitely isn’t the case. If there was a hospital strictly for developed nations, the U.S. would be bleeding out in some resuscitation bay in the back of the emergency room hooked up to life support. Even if the country survived, they’d be nailed with a $5,000 bill just for the ambulance ride alone. 

At what point do we all collectively decide to lay down our pride and come together to solve basic humanitarian issues? The state of the U.S. has far exceeded the lines of political opinions. It’s literally costing human lives. There have been casualties from all viewpoints. And for what? No positive changes have come as a direct result of the lives lost. Racial injustice. COVID. A broken health care system. Gender inequality. The poverty crisis. Where does it end? How much more can the country endure before the people decide enough is enough? What else is  needed for American citizens to put aside their differences and unite to demand more from our leaders?

Frankly, I’m sick of American politics. The current platform seems less based on checks and balances and more rooted in who can have the loudest voice in the room. Both sides go at one another like kindergartners fighting over a swing on the playground. Grown adults voted into office, whose jobs are to better the lives of their constituents, can’t put their egos and agendas to rest long enough to pass impactful legislation. I understand that there are no perfect answers. I know there aren’t enough blanket responses to solve all of the problems we’re facing. But any inkling of progress would be better than this stagnant disaster of a government we’ve been presented with.

When I think of the country my children will grow up in, it hurts my heart to know that they may never know true justice and equality for all. I can only hope that the generation we raise turns out to be incredibly sympathetic and kind. I pray that my kids grow up knowing to treat others with kindness and respect regardless of how they look, what they believe, or who they love. That maybe my children and their peers can help turn the tide of this country. Somewhere inside of me, there’s a glimmer of hope that one day America won’t be held together with Scotch tape and glue. Until that day comes, all I can do is hopefully use my voice in a positive and meaningful way. America isn’t great, it’s incredibly broken. However, I’m optimistic that one day it will be. 

Photo by Dan Russo on Unsplash


  1. If you didn’t fall for the lies they try to shove at you you would realize the people citizens are NOT as they say. When I see media saying how racist things are, I don’t recognize anything they claim after nearly a decade of the media pushing the narrative NOW you see more and more as people are sick of being pointed at because of their skin color!

    ,they show videos of under .01 percent of some extreme persons and say race hate is everywhere! .

    And having two sides hating at each other both sides believing everything bad the other says.

    We as Americans have been played by government and their media mouth pieces ..don’t believe me go over slowly everything they say over the past decade look at what each side accused the other of and look at what is said to defend and or attack look at opposing views it gets pretty clear

    .. I hear all about inequality and see black educated foreigners being paid more than whites and Asians, I see highly educated Asians being paid more than whites ..THAT IS THE NORM and education is the main differences NOT skin color! Not the lies they claim.

    I see gender inequality said but nothing about cooperations are having to pay for females pregnancies and leave days for children, it is a Fact females do cost more so businesses pay less but when you total it females get more! Think that’s a lie research it and pull off the blinders they put on u!

    ..you can call this and all the above lies all u like but research unbiased and the facts on just those 3 points will prove themselves out and then maybe you will be ready to see more lies for what they are

    like as you go to blacks longer jail sentences the fact is they don’t rat on each other like whites so plea bargains are rare and courts go for maximum sentences instead of blacks pleading out guilty for lesser sentences many believe they won’t be caught because there’s no witness and many tines this is correct But the ones that do get found guilty are put away for near max to max all..provable by looking at those with longer sentences vs whites and seeing if plea bargains were involved. And ya we can see here and there mistreatment for some upset judge but its the same thing on whites Asians there are times when judge is simply a not nice

    ..see the other side knows this well though and use it to cause a strawman they also will use a person’s job like international representative that makes deals for this country to others years go by and now they accuse them of being too close to the Russians as example .those that say this know it was part of the job and hope many people lack of knowledge makes them out raged

    Hillary note all the classified mails she did not get put away . You know why? Not as most think she’s above the law but because military classified mail is what puts u away NOT just classified .for regular classified mail you need to prove intent .military u dont . The republican side hoping others wouldn’t know this subtle difference would be out raged keep us fighting. Its the same thing Hillary did calling half the country deplorable.and that sided believed it. Vaccines calling people antivac even calling a vaccine researcher that makes then one!! It was so in ur face and people still fell for it cuz they hate each other and are being played!!

    .hopefully you and others will wake up to the real cause of all the stress its our representatives these are scumbags that act real well convincingly
    so government and media.

    Let me ask you in Japan is white priveledge there NO same with the rest of the world the privileged are those in power tho FACT socialist countries 10 percent are extremely wealthy the rest not so much every fkn country on the planet as super rich and dirt poor .. this country is the only one where many many people could gain wealth at least before now its being sucked away by many techniques that will make this message far too long but u will find out when u look

    now the very wealthy bought slaves 300k of 12million of them some bought them because they hated to see them in chains and where afraid of what would happen but u don’t hear that part either.

    Now there are those scumbags that bought for bad reasons and probably many more but just saying some had actual good intent .

    The rest of slaves went to other places barely spoke of all u hear is USA s slavery not that its not bad but other countries some still have slavery and silence..

    600k shed their blood for blacks to be free rather the fight was to end slavery who knows with a government involved but the people including blacks fought to end slavery ..

    this is just passed over like no biggie whites are all racist because the 1 percent owned slaves. ..

    we pass wealth down to kids this is what ALL parents do we don’t give wealth power away to people because of color should someone hand me all their wealth that doesn’t know me passing over their children.

    This privilege was WORKED FOR those men backthen worked hard for family and future and its acted as if it was all free as if no one worked their asses off!! Its truly disgusting that this sort of lie can even work that many believe as if all this wealth was just bestowed. Should people have said no thanks I wont take the opportunitybgiven ??

    but you know what is missing deflected the wealthy stole the labor of blacks and stole their wealth their ability to pass down to their children and yet somehow all the working class struggling people are accountable for slavery and all of it nice deflection! !

    When we constantly a r e bombarded by media and people pointing how bad we are and I know for a fact im not .. over time you don’t think this stirs up anger??

    Its psychology you don’t think the right and left play these games for votes? They could care less about any of it keep everyone divided distracted as they gain more power and take more and more r e of our wealth by adding law after law after law .

    .land being all bought up by uber rich like gates has what millions of acres of farm land ..think carefully about this I looked at many things and these scumbags have think tanks for doing all sorts of mind games against people .

    So im sure those with zero research and all hate agenda will poo this ,its their prerogative..but its simpler to pick something and hate on it cuz the media said so

    thats something I personally never do I always put in the effort behind each and everything said and over time u won’t believe the lies from BOTH sides and soon you see why

    I have since a child only asked and asked and asked until the truth came I wasn’t very liked for it either but thats me . Good luck either way I do agree that I hate what we are becoming its going BACKWARDS not forwards the powers that be figured we were getting along too well and started up 12 years ago to cause this.

  2. While the current situation may seem bleak, it’s important to remember that progress can take time. Continue to speak up and work toward positive change, and you can help create a better future for America.


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