10 Stages Of Getting Your SO’s Attention As Told By GIF’s

We all know how annoying getting your SO’s attention can be. One second it seems like they’re totally paying attention to you, and they’re responding to every ridiculous dog and/or baby video that you could send them and you’re feeling like a rock star. Then, before you know it, it’s like they got sucked right up into the Milky Way and total radio silence ensues. All of a sudden you’re enacting your 10 stage plan to get a response to all of your Snap/Insta/FB messages/texts. Sure, a response on ONE of them would do, but to be honest, we want you to respond on every platform.


Posted by Babe on Saturday, September 16, 2017

First, you start by sending a ridiculous snap, outlining how tired/hungry/ugly you are.

Still early in the battle, so a little bit more room for some silliness here.

Fine, that’s not working. Gonna need to pull out one of your stronger moves – flames selfie. Show them that you’re looking cute, maybe that will get their attention.

Hmm… not working. Time to resort to sending that classic “Hellllooooo” message.

Ok, so now you have to just straight out ask for attention, nicely of course.

Then, just getting slightly more aggressive.

That’s not working. Straight up aggressive comes next, naturally.

Start to throw in a sad Snap to pull on their heartstrings.

20 minutes later you’ve enacted your entire plan, but still nothing.

So you resort to a bit of begging.

FINALLY, the golden response.

And they tell you how amazing you are and that you look great so that you don’t go off on them.

We’ve all had those moments where all we want is a little extra attention. I’m not here to judge you. Even if we maybe go a little overboard, sometimes our SO’s need to be hit over the proverbial head. Send as many snaps/instas/texts as you need to get all the attention your little heart desires. 

Featured image via Jonathan Borba on Unsplash


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