Why The Number Of People You Sleep With Does Not Define You

Women who engage in casual sex continue to be shamed. We like to think the double standard between men and women has slowly started to dissolve, but when you ask a woman for her number and immediately judge her, whether it’s on purpose or not, you are sending her the message that she is worthless. Self-worth and one’s ability to be loved should not be attached to the number of people a person has slept with. There is nothing wrong with pleasure for the sake of pleasure. Whether your number is low or high, you are worthy of love. Never let anyone make you feel lesser than because of your past. This is a reminder to anyone out there that, if the person you’re with cannot see beyond your past then they are not worth your time.

The time will inevitably come,

like with all women

where you will ask,

how many others have seen me?

How many have I let touch me?

How many others have I let kiss the nape of my neck?

As if I’ve been overworn,

like the old T-shirt,

hanging in the back of your closet,

it’s time to throw it out.

Why buy something second-hand,

when you can find something better,                       

unspoiled, untouched?

Your mind riddled with images,

of those who came before you.

You throw me into a box,

and write in black permanent marker;

for sale, gently used.

Featured Image via Unsplash


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