Why You Should Live With ‘It’ Instead Of Letting ‘It’ Go

There comes a point in our lives when we are told to simply “let it go.” Whether it’s not getting your dream job or the loss of a loved one, some seem to think moving on will help the situation at hand. What does “letting it go” even mean? Sure, you can find yourself trying not to think about that thing that is bothering you, but no matter how far you push that thought down into the depths of your brain, it will always find a way to surface.

So instead of “letting it go,” why don’t we simply “let it in?” You see, these things that happen to us help in shaping who we are, but they should also not be allowed to define us. No heartbreak, bad interview, broken friendship, or traumatic event should define you. So, by letting these things in, we should take the lessons they have given us and use them to move forward instead of setting them free into the world. Take that memory, that hurt, that whatever and utilize it as a tool in your life to help you find that the person you wish to become.

Everyone has a story;

a story that has a plot twist they wish could be edited out. Everyone has that one thing they wish was a part of a very bad dream of theirs. But this is life, and we cannot simply toss these events away. Yes, we need to move forward as each day is a new beginning, but we need to be aware that these things, that these battle wounds of life, are with us always despite our attempt to purge them from our bodies.

I mean, how can you really live your life without getting a little scarred? You simply cannot. So, do what it takes to heal the wound, but carry that thing with you wherever you go. As much as it hurt you, be aware that it will remain in your back pocket. As irritating as it is being there with you day after day, it will come in handy when you are faced with a situation in which you can grow. These “its” will one day become the reason for your strength, your determination, and most importantly, your you.

Featured image via Tung Vu on Pexels



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