10 Reasons Your Cousin Is A Built-In Best Friend

Growing up I was fortunate to have a big family with lots of cousins to hang out with. I was extremely fortunate to have a cousin that was only 3 months older than me to call my best friend. Throughout my life, this has been hands down my strongest and longest friendship yet. Here are 10 reasons why having a cousin as a best friend is the greatest thing that can happen to you:

1. You Go Through the Highs and the Lows of Your Family Together
Whether it’s a family wedding, the birth of a new cousin, or the loss of a loved one, you have been through it all together. You can help each other grieve or have a blast at a wedding reception.

2. You Guys Have Been Best Friends Since You Could Remember
Since the womb, you’ve been attached at the hip. They’ve seen you go from playing with dolls and G.I. Joe to seeing your prom photos and heading off to college. There’s no need to spend time getting to know each other and you have plenty of dirt to use on them if you need revenge.

3. Family Events Are So Much More Fun
Family get-togethers can be such a pain sometimes but when your BFF cousin is there, it’s never that bad because you can just hang with them and crack jokes the entire time. Let’s also not forget that family vacations are 100x better when they are there to experience new places and adventures with you.

4. You Can Visit Them at Their College
At least for me, having a cousin in college at the same time I am is great because I can party it up with them on and off campus. You get to meet their college friends and see how well they are figuring out “adulting” as compared to you.

5. Your Parents Trust You to Go Out With Them
When you go out your parents are usually on your case about who you’re going with, where you’re going, and when you’re coming back. The minute you drop your cousin’s name it’s as if your parents don’t feel the need to ask you 20 questions anymore.

6. You Can Tell Them Anything
Having known each other since birth, they essentially know everything about you and all the good and the bad times in your life. No matter what it is, you know you can tell them anything and they won’t judge you for it, and even if they do, they still love you just the same.

7. You Can Go to them for Love Advice
My cousin BFF is a guy, which works out great because anytime I need boy advice, I have my best friend to turn to. He can give it to me straight whether or not this new guy is a f*ckboy or if I’m just being crazy.

8. They Know Just How Crazy Your Family Can Get
When you introduce your friends or a significant other to your family they could be overwhelmed by the craziness. With your cousin BFF, it doesn’t matter because they’ve already seen it all. There’s no need to explain when your drunk uncle does something embarrassing because you’ve seen it a thousand times.

9. You Always Have a Place to Go
Having my cousin live 2 blocks away from me is awesome. Anytime I want to get out of my house or I’m feeling bored, I have a place to go. Even if we just watch TV, it’s time well spent.

10. They Love You No Matter What
No matter what happens between you, the bond you share is so strong. They will always be there for you no matter what. They have seen you at your most embarrassing moments and still choose to love you unconditionally.

For those of you that are lucky enough to have your cousin as one of your best friends, don’t forget to thank them for always being there for you. Your other friends may come and go but your cousin is there to stay no matter what happens because at the end of the day you guys share the same blood and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Featured image via Allen Taylor on Unsplash


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